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  1. Boxing thread

    One of our office girls said her boyfriend has subscribed for the fight PPV - first time he's done so - and a lot of their friends are going to their house to have something to eat and watch it. I asked if they knew what time it was going to be on? They didn't.
  2. Boxing thread

    McG is going to have to be exceptional to land much leather on Mayweather. Even though I know very little abbot him - I can't see how he will succeed when so many great boxers have failed. But.....that was the Mayweather of old. Is he still the same standard??
  3. Boxing thread

    So what's going to happen with Floyd V McG? I know Mayweather - but I know stuff all about McG and MMA in general.
  4. Post a pic of your car

    Speaking of green.... Wife has swapped the Cooper S for a JCW. It's a Mini tastic colour combo! Old and new
  5. Apple Watch launch

    Each to their own imo. I am currently trying to give myself more tech free time. I think life was simpler (happier?) pre digital overload. So I have switched off work emails on my phone/tablet - and only check them on my pc during office hours now. I feel much happier not being dragged into thinking about work after hours. I know you must embrace tech - or get left behind. But I am trying to make it work for me.....not it controlling me. The BT spam filter thing is incredibly efficient too. Not one cold call in months - used to get 2 or 3 a day. Good work BT! Sorry.....drifted off topic. I see a fair few people with Apple Watch in business meetings. Very distinctive styling - so I do note them.
  6. Boxing thread

    I like both of them....but wa my Canello. GGG didn't look quite as good in his last fight imo. Canello is consistently good. Both class boxers - whom I admire greatly. So hopefully a good fight man wins...... and most importantly no injuries.
  7. Boxing thread

    What's the thoughts on Canello v GGG? I find it a tough one to call ........ but hopefully may be a great fight.
  8. Shocking Audi Dealership story.

    I really didn't think stuff like this happened anywhere anymore! I thought it was left behind in the 1970s. How come in my business we have to have an accident book if someone so much as gets a paper cut. Yet, at an Audi main dealer they can lock a young lad in a cage and pressure wash him and similar on a long term and systematic basis until he kills bimself? Management must have had some idea what the culture was in the Service Department. And if they didn't - they should have! I see people on Audi-Sport are spreading this story and boycotting the dealers. I think that is a good idea - which is why I posted it here.
  9. This made my blood boil.... It is being reported as Sytners Reading on AudiSport.
  10. Football results today

    I don't normally post on here as football is so subjective and dynamic. And dare I say....shallow! Today's hated devil is tomorrow's loved angel, when he comes over to your team.....and vice versa. No sooner have you posted something.....and it often comes back and kicks you up the ar5e I'll stick to posting kn less corrupt boxing
  11. Football results today

    Well done Utd. Even the City fans (around Manchester at least) I know wanted Man Utd to win this time.
  12. Speeding news story.....

    .......has just moved me to tears. I feel their pain. So, so sad.
  13. BMW M2 'Facelift'

    Found easily on the idrive and now switched off. I am having to rely solely on the nerves in my right foot to let me know how hard I am pressing the accelerator now!!
  14. BMW M2 'Facelift'

    Thanks Andy. I will have a look at idrive again this weekend.
  15. BMW M2 'Facelift'

    Thanks Andy. I will have a look at idrive again this weekend.