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  1. Home Security

    Bump..... Any recent experience for outdoor cctv? My old fella wants to get a system and has asked for input from me.
  2. Boxing thread

    Well I reckon Golovkin was lucky to get that win against Jacobs. I can also now see Golovkins achilles heal. With his undoubted power.....he stakes the middle of the ring and stalks his opponent to the ropes....then uses power punches. But when he is fighting someone with something dangerous (reach/lower/speed) like Jacobs....he can't seem to change his game. But more importantly, he has limited lateral movement. He just uses linear movement then batters his opponent on the ropes.
  3. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Is it true that Prius batteries are grown in organic fields and transform to pure water once they die and are assembled by vegans in a commune people's cooperative where they get paid in love and smiles?
  4. 87,000 MILES ON THE CLOCK .........63,000 not on the clock.
  5. Audi Cocklight DRLs

    I have just jumped ship from an Audi S3 to an M2. It was a very good move for me. Really love the new car....and the S3 was ok ish but sooooooo boring.
  6. Boxing thread

    I tend to ignore most of the over hyped fights (Sky!!!) they are usually a let down. I watched Garcia v Thurman on Box Nation instead. Now that was a good fight....with some proper boxing skill on display.
  7. While the cats away.....

    Puttanesca (sp?) is the Lords finest piece of work. I get it in a jar from Waitrose and it's great for lobbing on pasta / salads / pizza etc to make things taste like someone who can actually cook has made it. Particularly awesome on a Nicoise(sp?...again) Salad. tomatoes, olive oil, anchovies, olives, capers and garlic. This is the rascal. Get some....and live the dream!
  8. While the cats away.....

    Amazing exciting life coincidence! I have only just read this thread and I ALSO had a pizza (last night)! And as I don't like pizza that is quite exciting and leftfield for me. Not homemade though. Pizza express from Waitrose .....then added prawns, a tin of tuna and Puttanesca. It was ok. Living the dream also!
  9. S. Africa / Cape Town?

    Looking at maybe going next November ish. Amyone been?
  10. Venice....any inputs?

    Thanks for the comprehensive write up S3 bangs. Appreciated. I am going to read the whole thread again before we go.
  11. Venice....any inputs?

    Or maybe they said it will be hugely impractical.....but it will look really nice! That would be a done deal in Italy.
  12. Venice....any inputs?

    Thanks NNMM for the tips. We are going for a week - so prob get a train to Florence as well one day, as it's only 2h. Have also been watching the hidden cities programmes.
  13. Venice....any inputs?

    We are going in April. Flights and accommodation booked. Now I know there's lots of classic things to see and do.....but just wondering if anyone has anything else to add - sort of stuff not on the usual tourist hit list? Ta
  14. TSN facebook

    Facebook smells.
  15. BMW M2

    Cheers Andy. You were right on all counts.. God knows what the standard speakers are like. Doubt you can even hear them! The speedo and rev counter are pi55 poor in daylight. My work round is to start off with the digital temp gauge on start up (1 click on LH stalk). Then as soon as it's warm (indicates 'ok') it's 5 clicks on the LH stalk to get the miniscule digital speedo up.......but it's better than the dials. At least I may have some idea how fast I'm going in daylight! Amazing car though. Really, really loving it. Not tried MDM yet....but will when the conditions make sense. Is that what they use on all the track / testing vids?