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  1. Venice....any inputs?

    We are going in April. Flights and accommodation booked. Now I know there's lots of classic things to see and do.....but just wondering if anyone has anything else to add - sort of stuff not on the usual tourist hit list? Ta
  2. Boxing thread

    Just a general boxing thread, as I know a few people on here are interested. Old stuff, new stuff, current fights and fighters, classic fights and fighters. Anything at all boxing related....bring it to the table
  3. Tesla

    I have read quite a bit recently about Tesla and their financial situation. I don't think I would be putting a deposit down in the current circumstances (not that I want one anyway)
  4. BMW M2 Competition

    Me too..... Really loving my M2 and doubt I will be looking at VAG when it's time to change. Seems to me that M cars are engineered to be driven.
  5. Electric cars. And tax?

    I am wondering how quickly the govt will find a new way to tax driving, with the mass exodus to electric vehicles just over the horizon? Fuel duty ain't going to bring in anything like the £££s it does now. So how will the govt decide to tax driving? And how quickly will they change things?
  6. RS3 - Saloon!

    My two best friends died 7 weeks apart late last year. I had known them all my life and we all went to school and grew up together. I think about them all the time.....takes over my mind unless I'm busy or concentrating on something else. Its had a massive effect on me.... Firstly, dont worry about things that aren't important. Secondly, live for today. You really dont know when your numbers up. Worth bearing in mind Riz. Especially as the new RS3 is supposed to be so good. And with cars turning electric etc, it may be a keeper.
  7. RS3 - Saloon!

    Yes Riz. Just do only live once. I remember many, many years ago you speculating about an RS3 iirc. Was it not your dream car? An RS3 will be a whole new level to a Golf R.
  8. RS3 - Saloon!

    Very recent comparison of RS3 and M2
  9. Boxing thread

    Agree. His age and Stepping up 2 weight divisions was too much against such a good opponent. Still, some sublime defensive skills while it lasted. Loma is very good though.
  10. Boxing thread

    He is firm favourite with the bookies too I believe.
  11. Boxing thread

    Well Rigo V Loma is this weekend. Can't wait for this one. There is a good write-up in The Independent about what makes it so special.
  12. "Relay Crime" reality?

    The thing about the Autowatch Ghost and similar is that I can see it encouraging conflict as they could threaten you for the code. That said, I do have a handbrake lock on my car even though it's not keyless.
  13. Boxing thread

    I can't wait for Rigondeaux v Lomachenko on Dec 9th? I know I keep banging on about Rigo on here but he is a simply stunning boxer imo. My favourite boxer in recent history by some margin. His footwork is other worldly... And Loma ain't half bad as well! It may be one for the purists more than the action seeker though.
  14. Security warning

    Every time I log on here l, my McAfee Antivirus (Android) throws up security warnings which keep popping up. Is that normal........or are TSN now just harvesting all our personal Informations to sell to the Russians ?
  15. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Inspired by Torino at the back end of 2016, I will be posting up on here soon......once I have had a think about what I want to achieve. Please join in with any fitness goals (whatsoever!) however great or small they may be for 2017.
  16. M2 or Macan

    I've already chosen the M2. But would like a Macan for Mrs next car.
  17. Riz - Have Tissues Handy...

    Wopps will buy you one for old times sake. The good old R32 days.... when the Internet was pure and virginal.
  18. Boxing thread

    It did surprise me how CAN struggled against the relentless coming forward of GOL. I thought GOL would tire in the latter rounds because of his age and CAN would land a few bombs. If anything it was the opposite. Good defence from both of them. And they can both take a shot. Any one of those punches....especially the body shots - would leave the average bloke off the street in a heap on the floor.
  19. Boxing thread

    Fantastic fight. After the MAY v MCG circus the other week (did people honestly pay to watch that?) it was everything a top notch fight should be. ... Except the result. GGG should have got the decision in my book. I think he is actually a robot - just never stops coming forward! NNMM might even admit that GGG is a decent boxer now
  20. Boxing thread

    Still no idea who I fancy for GGG v Can. I hardly ever stay up for a fight. But I will try for this one. Or get up early!
  21. The £1k mobile phone

    I read that the $/£ issue isn't as punitive as first appears, as the US price doesn't include State sales taxes - whereas the UK price includes VAT.
  22. The £1k mobile phone

    If i was on the Apple Eco system, i would actually probably end up getting the iPhone X (even at £1k) as I do think it's a big jump on the other iPhone models and makes them look outdated and obsolete.
  23. The £1k mobile phone

    I do find it a bit bizarre that a lot of the press are getting so excited about the latest iPhone X. Is it not just generally catching up to the opposition? This article seems to sum it up for me..... I recently went from a Galaxy S6 Edge to an S8. Only because my Mrs wanted a non work phone for private I gave her the S6 and the business got me the S8. The change makes no significance difference in my everyday life whatsoever. I would never upgrade if i had to pay.
  24. Music streaming

    On a side note, I do love BBC 6 music now...... Especially Sean Keaveney (breakfast show) and Radcliffe & Maconie (1-4pm). Both very funny. Diverse music and no ads.