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  1. A C*ck up of the highest order!

    well, it's good to see miracles haven't ceased to exist. they offered me a full refund or a replacement vehicle of same value. Problem solved, but was expecting more of a full scale investigation launched into the dealership selling clocked cars!
  2. A C*ck up of the highest order!

    What issues did you have? Luckily the audi insurance was free for 7 days and then if you want to go ahead for the year you end up paying. I told the lady on the phone they were nearly triple my current quote so she wasn't surprised either that I wasn't interested...
  3. A C*ck up of the highest order!

    no unfortunately i couldn't find it... found it on trovit cars for 18450 but that obviously didn't help...
  4. A C*ck up of the highest order!

    Well low and behold the car turned up! albeit late the guy was very friendly and handed over my car documents. I was literally racing out of town that morning, so no chance to check over the docs, just signed, booted him out the door and jumped in the car to rush to my wedding etc! Nice of him to tell me he drove through the C zone though, could I please pay for that... Big grumble as I don't live anywhere near it and can be easily avoided (in fact more difficult and longer to go through it the way he was coming). So I get home on sunday and resume my normal life. The audi warranty rubbish comes through the post when i get home monday night, so I decide to have a look in the pack that the chap gave me...... once again a catastrophe of national proportions. The mileage register check shows a discrepancy (handover to dealer recorded from DVLA v5 was at 41,000 miles). Yes you've read that correctly.... The car had 16211 in the clock when it was delivered to me. And they did a service on the car this month at 16245 - and didn't stamp the book but simply printed up a letter to say they did a service. FOR F'S SAKE!!!!!!!! There must have been a couple of people interested in the car as there were actually 7 previous searches at mileages around the 16000 mile mark. They must have all run a mile when they saw it had 41000 miles back in June! Well foolish of me really to trust a global brand that advertises all over its paperwork and website that it checks all the vehicles and carry out mileage checks etc etc etc!!!!! So once again I write a stroppy email to customer services, only to be followed by a phone call a few hours later from the sales manager to say that "Audi do not clock vehicles, I have been here for 12 years and I can assure you no such things take place here". Well to be frank it looks like ****. The sales manager said that he'd fill in a form to check with DVLA whether it was an entry error etc. But I told him let's be frank, I'll never be able to sell the car again with such a black mark on the mileage history. He offered me my money back! Which is all good and well, but it leaves me without a car, so no can do. Told him I want similar, end of story. I'm going to phone him tomorrow to see what he's come up with. How much do you reckon it would be worth it to them for me NOT to drag them through trading standards, watchdog, the times on sunday audi conman special???????
  5. A C*ck up of the highest order!

    Found my future car last week - brilliant! Decided to buy it over the phone as I had done this before through the audi approved car scheme and it worked a treat, you get the warranty, has to be over 5k til next service etc etc. So I enquire about 2 cars, one at derby and one at huddersfield. Get through to both, they both say they'll call me back etc etc etc. I've heard that one before - they were number 25 and 26 on the list that day to phone around to see if anything new had come in. Anyway, I got bored of waiting and called up huddersfield again - spoke to some other guy, didn't have my name on file or anything so I had to run through my requirements again. He said he'd phone me back. Turns out the one I enquired about has already been sold, but he had another one up in Derby which he could get his hands on. Turns out it was the same one I enquired about this morning through the other dealer. As the derby sales guy didn't bother to ring me back I decided to buy the car through the helpful chap in huddersfield. And so the saga begins... So this is Wednesday/Thursday. We agree a sales price over the phone (the price quoted on the website) and I get a dog guard chucked it at no cost. I make a quick note of what we agreed and he took a deposit over the phone. He sent me a sales invoice with the agreed price and quoted me £150 for delivery next wednesday (today). I signed the invoice, faxed it back, and had a few more calls from the chap trying to sell me gap insurance as well as autoglym, which I didn't go for because of the short time that I usually keep my cars. I phone him up on friday and ask whether it's possible to get the car delivered during the weekend at all (I had sold my car and was due for collection on Saturday). He asked me to transfer the money and he will check to see if there was a driver available to drive it down to London for me. By this point they have 11k of my money in their account and I was ready to pay the rest if he could arrange delivery for the weekend. Unfortunately he couldn't get a delivery arranged, so he said we'd touch base on Monday. We did and I transferred the rest of the money the next day. So we're now at Tuesday. He calls me to tell me the money is short by 1150! I replied that he didn't put the delivery on the invoice so I assumed he was popping it in for free! No was the reply, but I had also short changed him on the sales price he told me. We both went over the sales invoice and I could hear the tremor in his voice - he believes he put the wrong price on the invoice. I assured him the price was correct as it was the same price I had remembered and written down. Besides, it was the asking price on the website. He checks the website and it appears the price had been increased by 1000!!!!!! I spoke to the sales manager who (after a lot of coughing and spluttering) admitted the sales consultant had made a mistake, but couldn't sell me the car as the invoice hadn't been signed by a manager. I told him that didn't make a difference, the contract had been sent to me and the price on the invoice was the price on the website! He refused to deliver the car. So we're at Tuesday night, I'm fuming. Got a long weekend planned in southampton with the wife to combine with a mate's wedding - besides I'm an estate agent so it's not like I can do without a car anyway! I put a complaint in on the audi uk website and sure enough someone calls me first thing this morning to say they are investigating and will be in touch in 48 hrs. Not good enough!! I phoned through to the dealership only to find that the sales manager had a day off. I demanded to speak to someone in charge and spoke to some general manager. Again he was looking into it and phoned me back. A lot of googling and chatting to my aunt (who is a solicitor) later it appears this is a common trick used in the motor trade - I was quite digusted it would happen from a reputable franchise though. My aunt's solicitor firm drafted up a letter which I faxed over to the dealership along with my sales invoice and my notebook in which I had written my notes of the agreement. I got a call shortly after to say they had no choice but to honour their agreement and deliver the car to me. GREAT! Victory at last! Well you'd think the saga was over, but nooooooo! The sales consultant phones me up at 430 asking for my insurance documents. "You call this phone number and get a quote for audi insurance and they can send us over the cover note straight away, didn't I go through all this with you?" uhhhh no dufus you didn't! I thought "here we go another ploy to get money out of me" so I did as he asked and called the number. Got bored of hold music after 10mins so decided to have my insurance company fax over the certificate. After all I got it insured the moment I put the deposit down for the delivery date agreed. 10 minutes later it arrives at the dealership, but all I get is a huff and a puff saying the post office won't accept a fax copy. I told him that last time I bough an approved audi this worked just fine. He however insisted I went through audi insurance so they could email the policy documents over to him. 15 mins on hold and sure enough, they said they would send it over (good quote too - NOT! they wanted 1800 for the equivalent of my policy which i pay 700 for!). The lady was quite helpful and I offered to give the sales consultant's email address so it can go to him direct. "no need sir it goes straight to the branch" was the reply. Great - sorted - you'd think. I phone up huddersfield to check they got it, sales rep is nowhere to be seen and the secretary insists they all have individual email addresses rather than a main office one...GREAT! It's 515pm, the post office shuts at 530, so if the damn thing isn't taxed I've got no chance....! Another 10 mins on hold with audi insurance etc and sure enough it gets sent over.... I can only hope for the best. Luck was in. 545pm I got a call from the sales rep who told me he got the first email and rushed out to get it taxed. Now here it gets really exciting. It was meant to be delivered 3pm today. I need to leave London tomorrow at 10am. I of course told them 9am knowing full well I needed a safety margin.... Curious to see what time they get here! Watch this space - I would love your comments by the way and let me know if you've had similar experiences. This is the first I've come across but it's disappointed me so much it nearly put me off the brand, and I've been driving Audis for half my driving life! Always had excellent service except for this occasion........
  6. Some help on which A3 options to choose?

    the 1.9 only has 100odd BHP whereas the 2.0tdi has either 140 or 170 BHP. Sport edition means: stiffer suspension sport seats standard 17" alloys fog lights on the front my choice would definitely be the 2.0 for the differnence in horsies!
  7. 170 Sportback DPF 'Problems'

    Funny you should say you weren't warned - the first thing the dealer asked me when I enquired about a 170DPF was "what kind of journeys do you do?" It actually turned out the 170 version was totally unsuitable for me and recommended me to get the cheaper one!
  8. I checked them out but the spec was a bit low key, no heated seats and the other one didn't have cruise. 15ish is the key, i guess I'll go up to 17 for the right one. the 170DPF seems to have a lot of problems if you cruise mainly around town - do any fellow Londoners experience any problems with the DPF or is it ok to go for even though i'll be doing 20-30 min journeys at a time?
  9. Hi everyone, I hope someone out there is looking to sell their A3 Sportback! I've been looking for a while and have my heart set on the following, so if anyone knows anyone with a suitable one for sale please let me know! must haves: Misano Red 2.0tdi under 20,000 miles s-line trim s-tronic box I'm looking to pay around the 15k mark and I'm very keen as I've just recently missed out on a beautiful one with the open sky roof system (selling my a4 cab so it's the closest thing to it, really!). Appreciate the help!