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  1. Hi from a newbie. Just cannot find the answer on a search of tyresmoke. I have just acquired a 3l V6 Treg - Dec 06 with all the bits bar a sensible phone connection. I have an Orbit XDA ( HTC by any other name) wife has an old Treo and struggles with that sometimes. Son has a new I-phone, Daughter has something small and fancy. None of these phones of course have cradle options and they will all need to use theTreg at sometime. Hence the need for some info on the bluetooth options, which the local agent was unable to answer! As far as I can see the bluetooth options from VW involve installing a touch screen on the dashboard, does this mean the controls on the steering are still operational or is it all via the touch screen, and does it use the radio speakers or rely on separate fit speaker without muting. My old sony ericsson Bluetooth worked fine after getting the appropriate adaptors for speaker use/muting, but did not have to cope with a satnav screen. TIA