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  1. Been in touch with VW, they want £40 for one piece! Looks like thats the only option.
  2. Refurb Monza II

    Cheers guys!
  3. Refurb Monza II

    Cheers, was that per wheel?
  4. Refurb Monza II

    Great cheers, will have to give them a call to get an idea of cost.
  5. Refurb Monza II

    Hi, looking for somewhere in the South Wales (Newport) area to refurb my wheels, can anyone recommended anywhere please? Cheers!:confused: James
  6. Ok, will do. No idea how much one would cost or how easy it would be to fit though. Cheers!
  7. Hi, have just bought a MK5 GTI and noticed that the passenger side door has different trim to the rest of the car, its a mat silver, the rest of the car is brushed aluminium. Has anyone got the piece of trim I need in brushed aluminium or know where I could get one from? Cheers! James+++