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  1. Should I buy a Bettle

    So in your opinion is it worth adding up my budget to get a 1.4
  2. Should I buy a Bettle

    Looking to spend about 3 k on a new shaped one i have a budget. Just woundering what people thougths are. I know you can get 1.4 or 1.6 and 2.0 engines which are best people have said that 2.0 does not get much mpg so between the 4 and 6
  3. Should I buy a Bettle

    Why what year is good ? Thanks for reading and replying
  4. Should I buy a Bettle

    Hello I would love to hear from Beetle owners. My wife wants a Bettle and i am not too sure or know anything about the car. I was woundering if anyone has had one and what are the cars goos point and bad. Any nigly problems things like. If anyone can share some thought it would be appriciated. Wakman
  5. Coil Packs

    OK Guys been some time since posted on here but here we go. Had my Golf GT 170 Sport DSG for three years now and generally happy with the car overall. But i would like to see if anyoneone elso is having Coil Pack Problems. I the three years i have had 6 or seven coil pack go. As you can imagine this is a pain. anyone else out there having problems. Wakman
  6. DSG problems

    Yep i thought you have to have a 40k service
  7. Problems @ 3500rpm (Golf GT170 TSi)

    It seems that after the vw / garage has run out of ideas they have decided to replace the N75 Valve. Picked me car up yesterday and it like jumping into a new car. Fixed. To you all out there with the same engine any systems like above then the N75 is your answer. I have a Golf GT 170 TSI DSG Thanks any questions email me wak_u@hotmail.com or post here
  8. golf gt tsi 170 turbo problems

    Hello all !!! Sorry in the delay of reporting back but its been like buying a new car. I can report that after a month of back and to from the garage it seems the answer to the turbo problem is indeed the N75 valve. Now When I suggested this to them it might be the n75 Valvle I was told that it was NOT LIKELY to be this part as it would generate a fault which would be picked up. So to you all out there it is worth knowing that NO FULT FOUND was what i got back from the hook up. They did in the process replace the 249 valve and another software update. And it was when they ran out of ideas they decided to replace the N75 valve. Good luck all "problem solved, I can now enjoy my drive down to exmouth tomorrow" any problems can email me wak_u@hotmail.com or post on here I will pop back now and then Cheers all for you help
  9. Problems @ 3500rpm (Golf GT170 TSi)

    Well They have now agreed to replace the N75 Valvle after 2.5 working days of deciding what else to do. Its going in later "might i say it i might have a fully operational car later today
  10. golf gt tsi 170 turbo problems

    They have now finally agreed to replace the N75 Valve "AT LAST" replacing it later today lets hope it fixes it.
  11. Problems @ 3500rpm (Golf GT170 TSi)

    Tried that one they came back and said VW said it would generate a fault in emgine managment so they replaced the n294 valve did not work. So i have decided to cut me losses and send it to the nearest main dealer. Given them all the info taking someone out for a drive in it to explain and show and leaving the car with them for 2 days. The workshop manager said they have seen this before. Lets see what happens.
  12. Problems @ 3500rpm (Golf GT170 TSi)

    Ok an update. VW being VW said that it was unlikely to be this and they changed something else which they took great pride in showing the worn part. and said "that it would be the cause of my problem" 6 miles later no turbo. Back to VW and their discus program. Not happy at the moment feel like a little boy who has had his toy taken of him. "Not enjoying driving at all."
  13. golf gt tsi 170 turbo problems

    Apparently it might well be the N75 valve a few other people have had simular problems.
  14. Problems @ 3500rpm (Golf GT170 TSi)

    I am glad you have got your car sorted mine has now been to the garage 4 times already with the same problem. I have now seen your post and i have contact VW Barbers in Northwich and asked them when they file the report with VW to mention replacing the N75 THING. Thanks for your post I will let you know. Wakman
  15. golf gt tsi 170 turbo problems

    Help needed now been back for a software update and still this has not sorted the problem can anyone point me in the right direction