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  1. Service Information

    After my recent service the MMI service display shows me "this information is not available". Is this normal or have they just turned it off?
  2. Knackered C6

    I dropped Gerry from Kwik Fit a mail with the catalogue of errors I will let you know what he says. I thought it may be picked up by web scanning, my best mate is very high up in Autoglass/Belron and they do the same web scanning for dis-satisfied customers. Admittedly if autoglass ruined your car the manager wouldnt say its not my problem.
  3. A6 Fuel Economy

    I cruise around 80 all the way usually with a few little sperts in sports mode to 120 here an there.
  4. A6 Fuel Economy

    I do a 80 mile trip to work and back in the 3.0 TDI Quattro, I get usually around 35mpg. On a long run when I goto italy and back I get 44mpg. With climate on constantly no ECON etc.
  5. Knackered C6

    The garage who are trying to find out what it might be causing the white smoke, said they cant find anything wrong really. Another 55 A6 3.0 TDI came in today with the same issue, they now think its the injectors which may be faulty. They sent them away from the other car and will see if it fixes that one first then try mine. I know nothing about diesel injectors, could it be that?
  6. Knackered C6

    Yea, my local Kwik Fit is excellent and I made the mistake of assuming the others would be as good, so gave Slough a chance to do a service, I assumed that replacing the oil filter, oil, and checking other bits over was simple enough. Obviously not.
  7. Knackered C6

    I took my A6 3.0 TDI to Kwik Fit for a quick service, they didnt change the oil and decided to top it up and over fill it. It is smoking white smoke now, I noticed it as soon as I drove out of Kwik Fit and they said "its just new parts". When it didnt stop and I noticed it again after a week I checked my dip stick and its completely over filled. Since took it back they drained it and replaced the oil but its still doing it. Now with Audi as Kwik Fit after the second time said "oh your seals are gone". They rekon its not because they over filled it with oil which it obviously is. Audi said the turbo may be knackered. Hoping they can prove and document its because of it being over filled so I can get Kwik Fit to pay for it. anyone know who the MD of Kwik Fit is and how to contact them as the local regional manager is a retard.
  8. A6 MMI Full Dension 500 help

    To avoid cost should I just go in and play dumb or should I tell them what i'v done? The car is still under warranty.
  9. A6 MMI Full Dension 500 help

    I see what you mean about the connector.... When I install the BT module I can remove the tape an just connect from the car straight into the dension. The strange thing with the airbag is, its not the passenger one its the drvier one... how could that have happened when I removed the glove box connector only when i turned on the electrics?
  10. A6 MMI Full Dension 500 help

    I did not have the little connector whick connects the existing fibre to the new dension one which you need to keep the CDC running. So I just taped them together. One thing that has happened is the airbag light is now on the dash all the time. Probably cos I unplugged the connector from the top of the glove box and stupidly powered up the electrics. Can anyone confirm if this is the issue?
  11. A6 MMI Full Dension 500 help

    Thanks gents.. Just finished installing and its working great... simply taped the fibre together did the job so I could keep my CDC... One quick question.. For power I removed the MMI 5A fuse from the fuse box and simply wrapped the wire and replaced the fuse.. This gives me perm live.. When I finished the blue light on the unit remains on when the car is off and the ipod is still charging.. will this drain my battery if I leave the ipod plugged in? or will it goto sleep eventually when the car is off?
  12. Hi, Im trying to get my Dension 500 installed in my Audi but was wondering as I have lost the fibre splicer can I just unplug the CDC and use the Dension instead? Also any clues on where to take the 12v power from would be appreciated. I have seen a few taking it straight from the fuse box with a spade connector but cant see exactly which connection. Thanks