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  1. loss of power

    iv posted before as regards loss of power at 6000 rpms when put foot flat to floor seems like it wont change from 4th to 5th and sticking..iv a 330 coupe auto iv had 2 coils replaced as per garage but each time it happens no fault code it poss that gearbox oil needs replacing even tho these are spos to b permanantly sealed for life please any ideas also had air mass meter fitted as garage at bmw thout it mite be the prob
  2. when put foot down and gets to 6000rpms car holds back, almost like it isnt changing gear, but when take foot of slowly it drives as normal. 9 months ago had new air mass meter fitted, recently ive had coils 1 & 4 replaced and it is still the same but showing no fault codes at the garage. I have a 330 coupe sport auto on 02 plate Any ideas what cld be wrong?