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  1. ready for the winter!

    Hello all....Winter is coming here in New Jersey USA so i decided to take some pictures to share. For winter, I use my 18" BBS CH's, with the OEM Michelin all seasons...this year, I decided to do something a little different...I had the CH's painted black, and I mounted some Blizzacks...hope you enjoy the pics, and as always, your comments are welcomed/appreciated...thanks for looking [] before: and now: let it snow!
  2. H&R sway bar install

    no, i'm not. either b5bel or c6bel on vwvortex, audiworld, fourtitude, and audizine
  3. New Season, new wheels

    Thanks for the compliments. Unfortunately, we do have to use the front license plate here in New Jersey. I've went without it, but I can do without the tickets.
  4. H&R sway bar install

    I am very happy with them The rear is more stable, and turn in is improved. And body roll is noticeably less.
  5. New Season, new wheels

    before: after: opinions are welcomed and appreciated...cheers!
  6. H&R sway bar install

    Hello all, and greetings from New Jersey.....I decided to install the 32mm front sway bar and 25mm rear. I am very happy with them, turn-in is much crisper, and the rear is definitely more stable. Snapped some cell phone pics when installing (not the best quality). cheers oem front sway h&r front front install is very simple and straight forward, rear was a little tougher, but no biggie. gotta drop the exhaust down, sway bar links are a little tough to get to, but on a scale of 1-5, 5 being hardest, i give it a 2.5 for the rear. and i set both front and rear to their stiffer settings. oem rear sway h&r rear [:d]
  7. S line fender A6 2005

    yes it will. i have a 2005 4.2 and i fitted a 2007 s-line front bumper. the fog lamps remain the same. though you must replace the fog lamp grilles.
  8. newbie here

    thank you for the comments. i do like the bbs wheels, but they look too small. i may be going with the oem bbs 19 inch wheels, or 20 inch A8 wheels. i am so jealous of the variety of oem wheels offered in europe. so far my mods are just appearance...in the u.s, performance mods for the 4.2 are few and far between, as well as expensive. if i am not mistaken, some use the Milltek S6 exhaust and modify the rear valance. ecm tuning i am unaware of. thanks again for the warm welcome....cheers!
  9. newbie here

    hello all...just signed up here and thought i'd share some pics of my 2005 A6 4.2 I picked it up pre-owned last November, here are some of the pics of the progress to date...your comments are welcome and appreciated... when I first picked it up... H&R coil-overs, 18" BBS CH wheels, S6 door blades, and 3 piece spoiler (from the accessory catalog) MRR H3 (20x8.5 front, 20x9.5 rear) original front bumper S6 grill (black) S-line bumper with S6 grill recent pics from Waterfest 15