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  1. Any recommendations for a CDW policy? Need to hire a car in the UK for a week and they want more than the hire cost!
  2. Carwash Spots

    Saw this last year, I actually quite liked the colour combo
  3. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    I reckon it must have a memory leak as ours is starting to feel less snappy now. Will power cycle it tomorrow and see if that cures it, frustrating that it can go slow so quickly.
  4. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Software version, they mentioned it was the v6 update that causes the issues
  5. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Did she report a slow box as well? Made get be worth a call to see if you can get the same patch I had. Was also advised to power off / on once a week
  6. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Just been on the phone to VM and the slowness is a known issue following the update in Sept. I've had something sent to my box post a reboot and seems to be better.
  7. Opinions on Virgin Media.

    Anyone else finding that since the last update their TiVo boxes are as laggy as hell when accessing 'My Shows'. Rarely use other screens so they may be ok.
  8. Tried deleting the profile and user account folders? Assume the settings will be stashed in the registry somewhere, be very careful if you embark on editing, search for the lockdown application name to start with and see how you get on.
  9. Ooooo! New shiny forum!

    Working fine me and I'm with VM too
  10. Recommend me a dashcam

    Cheers, have been meaning to order one and at £30 delivered tomorrow it's a no brainer
  11. Ooooo! New shiny forum!

    What link you using?
  12. Ooooo! New shiny forum!

    There's some background processing going on which I assume is affecting performance
  13. Photos Upload is a working

    I blame Apple, all their fault
  14. Ooooo! New shiny forum!

    I'll keep looking then
  15. Ooooo! New shiny forum!

    Anyone worked out how to go to first unread post in a thread?
  16. expensive numberplates

    Saw ?? DBS on an off white Aston DBS, too busy drewling at the car to get the full reg
  17. you need a pass? Did you get married and not tell us
  18. Cat5 or 6 for wiring up the house?

    Why not just use extenders with a switch at the end, will give you ample enough bandwidth for home use unless you're copying Gb files all the time
  19. Good to catch up with the familiar faces, long time no see faces and the 'I fancy a road trip in rush hour' MrMe
  20. Ahhh nuts :smashfreak:
  21. Still good for tonight, just need to wait for baby sitters to come over. I should be there around 8 if the tunnel behaves itself, been complete grid lock the last couple of days.
  22. Classic Merc....

    Parked up briefly outside, looked very special but have no idea what model it is though.
  23. Should be there, only scupper might be Mrs H being off work late.
  24. Sky or BT fibre broadband

    Assuming we move next month will also be going onto Vivid 200, the offer was too good to refuse with it being £10 less than I'm paying now for 70Mb. Believe it's the Big Kahunas package