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  1. help deciding which to buy

    Just looked and B7 S lines are in budget but B8 are SE for me. Was originally looking at the B6s but looking to spend abit more now so 7's and 8's are in range after it was mentioned above. Need to see if there's one up here above my budget for a test drive There is a A4 B7 (i think) on autotrader thats looking interesting.
  2. help deciding which to buy

    Ive ruled out the A4 2.0T quattro as i looked at these when i went for the DTM version and they were maxed out at 240bhp iirc. Not too keen on tbe A4 saloons only one i liked was tbe DTM the rest just look i dont know as if somethings missing, much prefer the A4 avants. Id prefer the S line or S series for the styling and also the handling benefits over the SEs. Her passat handles like a barge imo so after something firmer. My DTM had the in dash sat nav flip out version which is hopefully wbat i can get again. Am i right in thinking all VAGs 05 onwards are capablr of having cruise retrofitted, as looms were standardised from 05?? Yup knew about the "when you need it" on the S3's as had a 03plate one with a celtic tuning map on it. Only got rid as the turbo had stress fractures on it so was looking at over a grand to replace turbo and make it slower. But it was a great wee car, would have again but their 12year old now.
  3. help deciding which to buy

    Cheers for the input crusier. Regarding space for stuff she has a B5.5 passat estate with the 1.9TDI auto so im not sure we really need another estate (only got one wee boy). Ive seen a le mans up by me and does look nice but it might be too big but could be a replacement for the passat. Wasnt aware of the oil issues will have to look into that. My 07plate A4 DTM didnt get the miles on it for that to crop up. 07-09 S3 is as far as the budget stretches im affraid. Which ever i go for will both get stage 1 always found a wee remap makes a huge difference and would help bridge the gap to the scooby.
  4. help deciding which to buy

    Been in the impreza scene for the last 4years but im planning on a return to quattro audi's in the next month or so. Trouble is i cant decide between a S3 (07-09 due to budget) and a A4 avant 3.0 V6 TDI. Ive driven the A4 and was good and would certainly do after having a 350bhp impreza and sat i a S3 today and plan on going back this week for a test drive when my wee boy isnt in the car. Both cars have similar power/torque, both quattros and both have way better mpg than the scooby. I just cant decided. My girlfriend only has a automatic license so she'd preferthe A4 as it can be an auto ( cant stretch to the S tronic S3's unfortunately). Pro's and cons for both please along with things to look out for when i go looking. Cheers euan
  5. bouncing idle

    when i pull upto a junction in the mk4 GTI turbo, the revs bounce between 600-1000rpm for a few seconds then settle down to normal idle. any ideas?
  6. mk4 GTI armrest?

    just purchased a mk4 GTI 3door with the nice huggy (im a big fella) recarro seats and was wondering if it was possible to retro fit an arm rest! If it is possible how much of a job is this? cheers folks
  7. things to check on a mk4 v6

    thats why initially i was going to go for the 1.8T but even with a remap ur only at 180, maybe 200ish if uve got a decent TBE with sports cat, and that all cost a fair bit. however whole point of the change is to conserve funds as need to buy a house, but i still want a fairly fast car. cheers cuprabob i'll give the ones im going to see the morn a going over esp them areas.
  8. having to get rid of my impreza and decided to go back to a golf. was looking at the mk4 GTI's esp the turbo again (as had a 1.8 20v non turbo one before) when i discovered that the 2.8 v6's were within my budget range. the draw of the 4 wheel drive (when its required) is a big attraction. anything in particular i should be looking out for, that shoulda been done, or will need doing? their all 65k plus on the clock. cheers folks
  9. Tyres

    dude i whipped out the iphone and ordered them online in the reception! tip for 4 1.2 years time
  10. Tyres

    went for a pair of conti's compact sport 3's. bout 100quid each, and wow what a difference, cars got soo much more grip, its insane, the confidence in the car has shot up. now just need to work on brakes, cos stopping the damn thing is the only worry these days! would defo recommend the conti's. (saved 50quid on each tyre aswel, buying online from kwikfit!)
  11. Tyres

    hi folks, seems ive been enjopying the power of my remapped S3 (03) a bit too much (damn these good scottish backroads :s). and have slaughtered the fronts. the rears are acceptable atm, but the fronts are screw'd. been a while since ive had to buy new tyres, always managed to get almost new part worns before, however cant find a supplier near me, now ive moved. can anyone recomend a good tyre, obv wanting a good gripping tyre, ideally for around the 100quid mark each? cheers guys and gals
  12. RS4 alloys?

    evening folks, been offered a set of RS4 alloys for £500 quid, 2 need new tyres and one has been scuffed, but still a bargin i think? question is will they fit on my 03plate S3. and will i need any spacers or arch work? cheers folks
  13. DV failure symptoms?

    hmm interesting i have been hearing a bit more of a release of pressure if i go for it and radio is off. would a failing D.V cause a stuttering of power, as ive had an issue at 2k rpm which seems to be getting worse and worse. im thinking its not a remap issue as it wouldnt get worse, and the did suggest upgrading to a forge d.v, but said wasnt nessecary! on side note anyone know how much road tax is for the S3 now, as thats due soon :s
  14. DV failure symptoms?

    hi can anyone tell me what the symptoms of a failing diverter valve are, as i think the one on my S3 (225 remapped) may be capoot! :s cheers folks
  15. very sick car :(

    yeah got job done now, cheap set of allen keys from halfords 9quid so im up 90quid over what the stealerships were after! however the engine management light is on all the time now, so need to try find a place to get that cleared cos i aint paying for a full diagnostics from a dealership! (im near Glasgow if anyone knows anywhere ) still got an issue at 2k rpm sometimes (car stumbles revs dont drop but no acceleration, semi violent jolting then it's fine), but im thinkin thats maybe a remap issue, from reading other posts! but its not everytime at 2k sometimes its fine, other times i get it everytime i pass 2k. also cant work out exact throttle position which this happens, as full throttle is fine, but sometimes under normal driving i get the problem, every gear at 2k! but car drives great now so i'll fix that when ive got some cash!