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  1. Germans / Drugs / Driving

    What about all the mind altering "meds" that people seem to be on these days? I am not too keen on all these warm and fuzzy goof balls driving around either.
  2. Cooper S Mpg

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I could not resist it. Which one did you buy? Cooper S in a different price league than a 123d (bm troubleyou, I assume)? How much is the van look alike with the tractor engine in the UK? The MINI is in a different class league too - the bm is just another over-rated bm.
  3. Cooper vs Cooper S

    Davy My missus has a new Cooper S Cabrio and it is far easier to drive than the old S Cab she had. Strangely the turbo is easier to pull away with than the supercharged one was, it almost feels that there is a viscous coupling rather than a clutch. As for the "heaviness" the S's setup is obviously "sportier" and the wheel/tyre combination will be a factor, but the new model is FAR easier to drive - go for the S if you do get a MINI! MUCH more fun.
  4. Sagging Xenons !

    Where does one find a MINI specialist - we have to take ours to bloody bmw.
  5. Post a pic of your car

    Both look the same to me