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  1. Need some new ICE for the truck and wondered if anyone can recommend an online shop. There is only a few ICE shops locally. Two of them cater for the lower end 'noise' stuff and the other basically doesnt listen to what you want and quotes for whatever they want to shift most/ gets them the most profit. I know what I am after so would rather shop direct and do it myself. Any one help out?
  2. How to wrap a Ferrari F430 !

    My thoughts exactly...had a clear paint protection put onto my Mustang and the guy who did that fecked up some corners where he fitted it. Only problem was I didnt see it (wasnt noticeable) until it came time for me to remove the film when selling only to find the cuts through to the primer layer all over the front corners...... He did however recompense me but shouldnt of happened in the first place....
  3. RV hire

    DHA, Copied from 5th Gear site.. A Swindon-based firm is offering the chance to rent a luxury motorhome plus the latest Caterham Roadsport 175 on a trailer as the perfect package for a weekend’s driving. The motorhome and Caterham package from A Class Motorhome Rentals costs from £650 for a three-day weekend, with customers also having the option to hire the Caterham on its own for £150 a day. For further information or to book contact A Class Motorhomes on 01793 877263. Bonus is having a caterham with you for hooning around the mountain passes.... Not sure where you are in the country, but you could also try Greentree Caravans. Neil the owner is a petrolhead too... Hire Me At Greentrees Adventure Store - Fantastic Caravan & Camping Adventure Store I.
  4. New 5 series launched today

    But not sure I like it enough to consider the 535d though.... Back end looks ok but not sure on the front.....Maybe it'll grow on me but I was really looking forward to a cutting edge new version....hmmmmmmm
  5. Please tell me no one on here owns this?

    I was trying to be diplomatic.......................
  6. Please tell me no one on here owns this?

    It is dire and top marks for the owners convictions. He/She obviously thinks it is the dogs danglies........ would have looked much better in just matt black.....
  7. Please tell me no one on here owns this?

    2007 BMW 3 SERIES 325i [3.0] M Sport Highline 2dr Coupe
  8. Who makes a new 'occasional' 5 seater cabrio?

    But that would mean I would then lose a gardener/cleaner/chimney would I decide which to sell...... I feckin hate decisions
  9. Who makes a new 'occasional' 5 seater cabrio?

    Yeah old E class Mercs carry 5 but I am drawing a blank at the new motors..... Guess all the avenues I am looking down for a new motor so far lead me back to keeping the F150 truck....LOL Already got a 50's rod for hauling the famly to some shows but its the daily that I am looking to replace (or not as the case may be...)
  10. Who makes a new 'occasional' 5 seater cabrio?

    In my quest to find a replacement car, I really fancied the idea of a convertible. However, having three children, I would like to be able to take them out with SWMBO so need 5 seats occasionally. I understand issues with the 'lump' seat being uncomfortable but as it is only now and then that we all go out together, think that it wont be a problem. So, any manufacturers actualy sell a cabrio/convertible that can carry 5 at a push?
  11. So how good is the RS4 Cab?

    Any idea if a third rear seatbelt is an option on the RS Cab?
  12. Recommend me a car

    Yes can get them converted but to be honest, they cost a fortune to convert then take a HUGE hit in depreciation come sale time. Also, the quality issue is a biggy.....havent seen any good conversions and havent heard of any either which is not a good sign. There was a big thread on Pi~*onheads and the Mustang Owners club about it. I have driven LHD motors now for 7 years and havent had any issues. Even going in and out of the wife's Disco 3 is not a problem. Only niggle is parking as the pay machine at the barriers are on the opposite side of the truck..some carry those litter pickers to grab the ticket but I just either find somewhere else or climb across the passenger seat..LOL These little niggles are massively outweighed by the grin factor of owning/driving one. Even the smaller Lightnings are awesome trucks and can be tuned to be a seriously quick motor. One mate has a Lightning that runs high 11 second 1/4 mile times and is still a regular street driven truck.... Try and get your neighbour to give ya a ride in'll love it...
  13. Recommend me a car

    this was the dyno reading prior to the truck being shipped to me in the UK. Have since made a few more modifications to loosen a few more BHP.
  14. Recommend me a car

    Jon, Yeah it does sound great. I have a Magnaflow 3 inch system fitted with hi flo cats and it is possibly slightly too loud (not that I am complaining)... Looking at a few others for sale and it loks like around the £24k mark would be where I price it. As its the Saleen supercharged version and in pretty rare Amethyst Purple colour, should do ok at that price. Kev
  15. Recommend me a car

    Cheers for the comments..I was wondering if all I get was pisstake replies...LOL Well, budget for a new car would be max £40k....... I have looked at the 535d 5 series but with the new model out in 2010, worried about the higher than normal depreciation...... I am thinking about buying a car privately on contract or lease and then taking the monthly repayment costs and then using that figure as my monthly car allowance? Not sure about the tax implications though. Dont want to have to splash personal cash if I dont have to as I have a fair bit of work to do on the house over the next year before moving (bathrooms, kitchen etc). I have been tempted by a Porsche Carrera 4S (Turbo bodied) on an 02 plate for £28000 but not sure I am a Porsche owner though......????? I have a good friend who just bought a VXR8 and had a dealer put 162 miles on the car whilst in for warranty a bit of a bad vibe over that..LOL Whatever I seem to have I have to modify it...I know its a weakness but I cant have a stock motor or bike.... The Mustang was a Saleen version which I modded to the point where the next step was a built motor. The truck is at the same point now that if I went further, my need for speed would cost me a new built block..... I have a project Mk1 Zephyr Zodiac which is part way through a 302ci engine build, with 8 inch rear axle, air suspension and major body mods. Been a project on and off for 10 years and will hopefuly get it finished next year (needs final paint and interior) so will get kicks on high days and holidays with this when done)..... As you can tell, I guess I have a difficult choice which is why I thought about asking here incase anyone had a hidden gem....LOL The truck is a great stealth vehicle though (albeit a feckin large one LOL) Keep the ideas coming guys....LOL...