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  1. New R - complete lack of interest here

    Humm..... I very rarely visit tyesmoke now... But I have owned a highly modded mk4 R32 and Mk5 R32 with a brief interlude with a fungus ST (load of keek!!) and scirocoo GT (lovely motor but motor but seemed to Play safe!!) between each mk Golf... I loved my Mk4 with a passion and the mk5 was well great but lacked the special touches... This time well.. I priced a Mk6 R and £35k-£40k is just crazy money!! so I looked around and managed to pick up a Porsche cayman s with 2k on the clock for less money and honestly its 1000000000% better than any VW R!!! VW have lost the plot... end off! Long live the Mk4 R32!!!!
  2. Maldives, Mauritius etc

    I would HIGHLY recommend Taj Exotica Resort and Spa in the Maldives. We go every september for 8-10days. I haven't stayed anywhere else in the world where the staff treat you so well!! Have a look on trip advisor.. We are heading back this september after a few weeks in India.
  3. FS: KEF 2001.3 & Denon AV 2809

    Are the speakers KEF 2005.3??? You have advertised them as: KEF 2001.3 If so I could be interested... how old are they?
  4. New 2.0TSI Scirocco - Revo map loaded.

    Revo have stage 2 and stage 2+ that takes into account your hardware mods....
  5. New 2.0TSI Scirocco - Revo map loaded.

    Thats one of the great things with revo.... you can tweak the map....
  6. New 2.0TSI Scirocco - Revo map loaded.

    Deffo a fuel pump upgrade... I see replacement inners for the fuel pump for £250 + vat - no brainner really!!!!
  7. New 2.0TSI Scirocco - Revo map loaded.

    For stage 2 you need full exhaust and CAI.... Revo stage 2 costs £50.... Need to start saving for the full milltek - £670+vat!!!
  8. :clap: Unbeliveable :clap: I took a run up to my local revo dealer yesterday - Tripple 7 in Cookstown to have my car revo'ed. My decision to go with revo was made after several emails and phone calls to Carl at revo headquaters. The fact that the map loaded into the car has three switchable settings for 95,98 and 100+ Ron petrol sold the product to me. Also with the select plus switch I can switch between stock and performance mode, and adjust boost and timing settings :clap: Chatting to Carl he also informed me that Stage 2 and stage 2+ maps will be available - this means my software would be future proof :yes: So what does the car feel like with revo software loaded...... Its much quicker in fact very quick....I didn't dyno it but it seems to have similar power to my R32..... I felt the scirocco standard was a little slow. The revo software is smooth. I expected to feel a huge lump of power from my new software but in fact the new power comes in very smoothly - i'm well chuffed! I now have a car I'm 100% happy with. The drive home allowed me drive on motorway, A and B roads the car remains a pleasure to drive at slower speeds but once you push the loud pedal it really really goes :nod: The sound of the engine has also changed slightly making it sound more agressive.... Have a look at Revo Technik | ECU Remap | Engine Management Software| Audi Porsche Seat Skoda Volkswagen VAG for more details... Well done Revo - you have another happy customer!
  9. Rocco's arrived - Revo map on its way!

    Ohh I have my sources... I have used 109ron fuel mixed with 98ron for track days - gives 100+Ron fuel!
  10. Rocco's arrived - Revo map on its way!

    Really..... 265??? is that with the uprated fuel pump????? You dont think it will make anymore than 265 even with the 104ron map? The roccos engine is not the same as the mk5 GTI...... the block is shorter and injectors are meant to be totally different......
  11. Well the R32 went just over a month ago.. Its replacement - a scirocco... partly a money saving exercise (missus wants a bigger house.. and well... I fell for the shape of the car... Factory ordered with a few extras: Truffle leather Folding mirrors Electric seats Dynaudio stereo Modded so far with H&R suspension that still allows use of vw's 3 setting damper control... A few crap pics: Car is booked on friday for a revo map. One of the first Sciroccos to run the new software. Looks promising Hopefully full milltek next month and Revo stage two - 280-290bhp!
  12. Watching this now... And i'm not a scamming idiot from Nigeria!
  13. Sorry guys for no replys... But i'm pretty sure these are sold... A local person wants them so it will save loads of hastle.
  14. Maldives

    What about Taj exotica resort and spa? Taj Hotels - Taj Exotica Resort & Spa,Maldives That is my yearly bolthole! I treat myself to 10 days of bliss there every year. Your criteria: 1. No children allowed on the island (they are allowed but the island is very private so you never see them) 2. A considerable distance 40 Mins+ by sea plane from the main airport (try 15mins by speedboat) 3. Good Scuba (excellent diving!) 4. Good Food (I cannot describe now good the food is. Never mind the service!) I have booked for October this year again. Check trip advisor for excellent reviews. This island really is paradise on earth!
  15. I have for sale a set of 8x19" BBS CH's for sale with a offset of 50mm. A genuine set of 4 BBS CH026 8x19 et50 5x112 Suggests Audi A3 2005 on A6 2005 on New TT Seat Altera Skoda Octavia VW Golf MK5 inc R32 Touran new Jetta Part number BBS CH026 (Y) Two good tyres - 235-35x19 The wheels need a refirb - nothing major - they are just tired These wheels cost £1450 new and tyres approx £100 for each corner. It is my understanding that these will also fit a mk4 golf with adapters(Y) Pics Probably the best wheel for the vw range....(Y) £850ono Wheels are located in Northern Ireland