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  1. Hey there all, I am rather new to this but I have recently seen a car stereo that looks just so awesome. Since my car recently got broken into...yeah then I was forced to get something and since I got my baby here, I thought it was time to improve the interior since as you all know, theres non eed to change the exterior of GTi's Anyway, I am looking for some tips, advice, suggestions, hints, etc for this unit I have had my eyes on: Zenec ZE-NC2010. Will this fit into my 2007 Golf Gti? Is it hard to install? Is £900 worth it? So far, every shop says it is customed fit...but is that true? Has anyone else got one of these or know if these fit? Let me know as I really like this Zenec but have not heard of it myself. It seems to be as good as the Pioneer Avic units or am I wrong? Is the Sat Nav on Zenec's good? How about the bluetooth? I know it has USB but does it work with iPods or iPhones? Any advice or information would be much appreciated, thanks! D.