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  1. Hazards flashing

    Can confirm that the alarm sounder is working correctly.
  2. Hazards flashing

    Car: 2004 B6 A4 Avant. Problem: Car sat parked and locked up. Hazards flashing fast, no alarm sound, red LED in drivers door flashing normally. Lasts several minutes at least, never seen it start though. This has happened several times now. Is it a common Audi problem? My bosses 2007 A6 has done the same thing at least once before too. Any ideas how to resolve it? :confused: Could it be the alarm going off, but the siren is bust? I've never heard the alarm. What is a sure fire way to set the alarm off in order to test? Cheers
  3. 2004 TDI 130 Sport - poor start/mpg

    Cheers all. Will have a crack at cleaning the EGR/inlet manifold over the weekend. Fuel: Sainsbury's City Diesel. Good point! I'll stick a tank of something better in next time.
  4. 2004 TDI 130 Sport - poor start/mpg

    Changed the MAF and air filter. Less smoke and much smoother. Will have to wait and see if the mpg has improved. Milo, my concern was more the obvious loss of economy and refinement(!) that is illustrated by the graph above. Overall mpg between cars and drivers is going to depend on lots of factors. In this case, I know it is capable of at least 46-47/tank (calculated) without extended motorway runs and I have seen 55 (average trip - admittedly on the DIS) in the past for gentle motorway journeys.
  5. 2004 TDI 130 Sport - poor start/mpg

    Thanks for the reply Eddy. I don't have access to VAG-COM. Bullet bitten, ordered a new MAF, will put it in this evening. Fingers crossed.
  6. 2004 TDI 130 Sport - poor start/mpg

    No-one? Something is not right. Current tank is on course to be even less and it only did 35mpg on the way to work this morning. I think I might attempt to take the EGR valve and inlet manifold off and clean it over the weekend.
  7. Hello, First post on tyresmoke, I have experience of this (or very similar) engine in a Fabia vRS and whilst I realise that the A4 Avant is a heavier car I have been a bit disappointed with the economy I have been getting. It's an Avant, 6 speed with 85,000 miles. Lately though I have been starting to think that something is not quite right the economy has dropped right off. Starting problems, when cold (left overnight) takes a couple of seconds longer to start, idles roughly and coughs out some black smoke. On the move, a bit hesitant and prone to stalling, power delivery is not smooth with flat spots, most noticeable on gentle throttle in lower gears. Even during the day I can see plenty of black smoke out of the exhaust on part/full throttle when the boost comes in. Economy, the best I have managed out of a tank is about 47mpg (calculated - about 2mpg less than DIS) and that was driving like a complete granny. Then it took a nosedive and no matter what I do it's doing just less than 40. Same usage pattern, tyres are all inflated correctly, no extra weight, climate on ECON, I'm the only driver and usually just me in the car. Commute: 20 miles to work. 2 free-flowing towns joined by dual carriageway. I never see more than 45 on the DIS. From what I've read, 50 or perhaps more, being careful, shouldn't be unobtainable? Things I have done... 1st red square: Cambelt change at VAG dealer. 2nd red square: Cruise/DIS fitted by shark90 3rd red square: Replaced black temperature sensor with green one, due to error code when Ben scanned the car as part of the cruise fitting. Wondered about MAF sensor, read about temporarily disconnecting it, so did that this weekend. Drove a mile up the road. Car very slow, seemingly no turbo boost, no smoke though. Any ideas?