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  1. In car SIM and Bluetooth at same time

    Thanks. Is that something Audi need to do or can a good independent with the right kit also do it?
  2. Hello all I have a 2012 A7 with SIM slot and Google maps etc. I gather it is not possible to use a SIM in the car AND use Bluetooth to my mobile phone for calls at the same time. However it seems this is possible with newer cars. Does anyone know if this can be enabled in older cars like mine through an MMI software update? Thanks for any answers.
  3. Grey Smoke when Idling

    Yep, seems all sorted now. I have spent plenty of time stuck in traffic queues and no smoke has emerged. Not sure on the MPG though as I don't really track it much.
  4. Grey Smoke when Idling

    Quick update on this for those that may find this in the future with similar issues. I had the boost pressure sensor replaced and that sorted out the engine light and got things running again. No idea if that was just a random fault or in some way related to the injector issues perhaps sooting things up. Anyhow, for the injectors it turns out you cannot get the Piezo injectors cleaned and they need to be replaced. I found a diesel engine specialist and they have taken the injectors out to manually pressure test them and confirmed they are leaking. They have then replaced all 6 injectors with new injectors, new oil filter and coded the new injectors in for a grand sum of £1,500, so much more reasonable than Audi and a few other garages were quoting. I think key here is to find the right engine specialist that does this day in day out. They are also a Bosche specialist workshop as well so probably got the parts cheaper as even eBay I was struggling to find a set of 6 new ones for less than around £1,200. Hopefully that is the end of the issue but will have to drive it around a bit more to see if the smoke is really cleared up.
  5. Grey Smoke when Idling

    OK, it has got worse. My engine light was on this morning and car in limp mode. I have taken it into Audi for analysis and they have said this is down to a blocked intake pipe (to EGR I think) and the boost pressure sensor. That will be around £500 to fix. However... They have then looked at what could be causing the smoking and have said it is the injectors. They have inspected and all need replacing at a cost of around £3,200. Does this sound about right or could I get it done much cheaper elsewhere? If that is the cost then I think the car is just going to be sold/scrapped as it's not worth much more than that. If people think it could be cheaper though then I may go ahead. Is replacing injectors something main dealer would need to do or can any competent mechanic do it for a fraction of the cost? Thanks for any advice...
  6. Grey Smoke when Idling

    Thanks all I have had a look around the engine and noticed something. If you look at the picture below then the large black "box" highlighted red is very loose and I see some screws are missing that are meant to attach it to the car properly. Also, the square flexi tube thing connecting into that (green box in picture) was not fitted on properly at all, completely hanging off. I've no idea what all that is though. Could that cause the issue? Also, is that something they would have had to remove to fit new suspension arms to the front, or when they replaced a rear brake caliper, or when they fitted a new EGR (Exhaust Gas Re circulation) unit?
  7. Car Engine Question

    From the album Images

  8. Grey Smoke when Idling

    Yeah, it smells of something, but can't be 100% sure it is diesel. The strange thing is though it is only when I'm idling or crawling that it starts belching out. Does that lead to a certain diagnosis do we thing? No major other stuff done on it lately. It actually started happening after I had some work done on the front suspension and a new brake caliper due to a leak but not sure if any of those could be related, I put it down to coincidence.
  9. Grey Smoke when Idling

    All I'm after some advice. I have an 05 A8 3.0 TDI with around 150K miles on the clock. Recently I have started getting thick grey/white smoke from the exhaust when idling from cold. e.g. if when starting the car I then get stuck in traffic I would get thick smoke that would clear up once I got going out of traffic and then be fine. I took it to my local independent and they found a fault code with the EGR and replaced this. However, problem still exists. Then today, after a 150 mile trip I got stuck in traffic and the smoke started again, so it is not just when cold like I originally experienced. Again, it cleared once I got driving again. Does anyone have any pointers what the issue could be? Like I say, it only happens when I'm stuck in traffic and it can engulf the car when really bad. Smoke is very thick grey/white and smells a bit like diesel, chemical so isn't just water based. If anyone has any pointers on what this can be that would be great. It seems quite specific in that it only does it when idling, crawling along. Many thanks for reading.
  10. Odd light warnings and condensation in cluster

    Had it in the garage today for service and they took a look. Unit is slightly lose at the top so letting water in and the board is corroded so needs replacing. They are quoting around £230 supply and fit but also happy to fit if I can find one on ebay so I will be keeping an eye out. And I remember the days of just having to spend a few quid on a new bulb!
  11. Odd light warnings and condensation in cluster

    Thanks guys, I will do some more investigation. I haven't found anywhere that shows how to get to it yet but will just have a go myself and see where I get.
  12. 2005 3.0 TDI Here are some things happening with my car (all related to rear right hand side): I always have a brake light warning, but when inspecting manually it seems OK. Yesterday (it was raining heavily) as a one off I had a bulb warning but the light looked fine on visual inspection. At the same time as above my indicator went weird. When I indicated right the clicking and arrow on the dash went twice as fast as normal. On visual inspection the light was normal though. Switched off car and started again and it was all back to normal for rest of journey I have permanent condensation in that cluster. Therefore I'm assuming that the condensation is causing some weird electrical messages. I can't see an easy way to remove it so wondering if anyone has any tips or manuals, or things they have done to fix this e.g. if I can get the cluster off, what is best to use to reseal it etc after leaving it to dry out. I can't see any pools of water in there, just condensation.
  13. Battery Problem

    Interesting, thanks. Let us know how it goes. I still haven't done anything with mine as it never fails to start and I can live with things like keyless entry not working
  14. Boot lock not working in cold weather

    OK will do. It was really bad this morning. Took around 10 attempts to get the boot to close properly. So is it just the obvious catches in the middle of the lid and connecting bit on the car that I need to lubricate or is there some hidden "soft close" bit I need to do?
  15. All - car has the auto open and close boot but I tend to just use it by hand anyway. When I close the boot I hear a motor sound that I guess is the locking mechanism. However, when the weather is cold it doesn't work properly. I close the boot, hear the motor sound and then the boot pops up again. I have to really slam it down and hold it for it to work properly. Is there something easy I can to do remedy it or do I need to take it into the garage?