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  1. Rattle on start up

    Cheers. Tell me about it, spent most of yesterday doing the 'macarana; at traffic lights as i am going down through the gears! Happy days.............
  2. Rattle on start up

    Have noticed a slight rattle on start up on my MKV GTI. No issues when driving apart from the usual from the DSG box not liking the early starts. Mentioned it to my local dealer and he said it 'was normal' Any ideas??
  3. Need advice on warning light

    Had the warning light checked and it is a low fuel sensor issue, being changed out today and a full diagnostic reading to be done. Happy days......................
  4. Need advice on warning light

    Just had my warning light come up tonight. Had a look through some of the forums and mentioned was switching the fuel from super to 95 which is wot I did today so who knows........ Am down the stealers tomorrow to get it checked so will let you know, good luck.