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  1. R32 to Cooper 'S'

    Not haven driven a R32, but i can assure a cooper s works will a S3
  2. DivX to DVD

    [ QUOTE ] Got some Divx films a mate wants converted to dvd, anyone done this? whats the best thing to use? [/ QUOTE ] Havn't you converted the 48 hours worth of PRON yet ?? !!
  3. R32 to Cooper 'S'

    ive just bought a Cooper S with a works conversion and with very careful driving i can average about 34 mpg, when i drive it enthusiastically it goes down to about 21-22 mpg . I fill it up with super unleaded which is a bit more expensive but it only costs £35ish to fill up from empty and gives a range of about 300 miles. But the way i see it is, the car is fantastic to drive and i cant wait to get up in the mornings to to work, so the mpg doesnt worry me too much
  4. Goodbye Audi Dealers

    [ QUOTE ] What's JCW? [/ QUOTE ] JCW gives it a extra 30 bhp more over the standard 170bhp Cooper S, and i think i shall be paying the £400 to get the Extra 10 bhp JCW upgrade...210BHP, and its all legit with BMW, warranty is still valid and still qualifies for TLC
  5. yeah i know, i took a S3 for a test drive (at a well known Audi specialist in Buckinghamshire) and i came to these set of traffic lights alongside a Cooper s, the salesman encouraged me to race the mini from the lights, which of course i did, and i lost big time, the cooper left me for dead !! the salesman didnt really say a lot after that !! and tehn i trotted off to the mini dealership
  6. Goodbye Audi Dealers

    lol, ermmm yes, i put £35 in on Friday night and its almost empty !! but i dont mind coz the car just gives me every time i drive it. p.s. im back to BMW driving ways, drivin like the road is mine and driving with the front fogs on !!!
  7. I have nothing but praise for both these garages, walked into both garages jsut wearing shorts and t-shirts and you get treated like humans (unlike audi dealers) the staff are freindly knowledgeable, they both let me take the car for a long test drive on my own, both showed me round their workshops, which was particuarly interesting at John Cooper works in Worthing, what can i say, great service, great garages. The overall friendliness of teh garage clinched the deal and i now drive a Works Mini Cooper S, and can safely say its far more fun than the Audi S3 i test drove.
  8. Well, the time has come, The tractor has gone (although it remains in my family) anyway, the best bit about selling my Audi is that i no longer have to deal with unfriendly, Incompetent audi dealers. Picked my new car up on Friday - New Mini Cooper S with JCW !! wow what a car, i havnt been able to get out the car all weekend !
  9. Novell Clients

    hopefully, i think ive got the answer, a patch got released for the 4.90 sp2 client last week and it seems to have solved the problem
  10. Tom Tom Go wanted

    I bought a tom tom go for my parents, its dead simple to use, which was one of the reasons i bought it for my "non technical" parents. They use when they go caravanning and they think its absolutely brilliant, my mum loves it too as she doesnt get shouted at by my dad when they get lost !!
  11. cheers for that......all i can say is BUGGER !! anyway, lucky i just sold the car !!!
  12. [ QUOTE ] What radio is it? Are you sure that this isn't the problem with the flash memory getting 'worn out'? [/ QUOTE ] Its the Audi concert stereo with bose speakers and amp
  13. [ QUOTE ] Do you smoke in the car? The volume control has become dirty and now the weather is very damp, there is clag inside the control and causing the symptoms you hear. A quick clean with isopropyl alcohol or switch cleaner will do it, but you need to take the radio out and squirt the stuff into the back of the potentiometer properly. [/ QUOTE ] No dont smoke in the car, and its not dusty, although i might try removing the radio - cheers, what am i looking for when i remove the radio ?
  14. [ QUOTE ] i think in the radio you can set a 'standad volume' when you turn the car on , also for traffic etc, check the book [/ QUOTE ] how do you do that, i lost the manual on the concert stereo !