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  1. Stuck in engineering mode - Setup + Car button

    Just been to the car at lunch to try various button sequences that I have seen on the forums, like resetting the MMI and hitting the return button Cruiser, but the MMI was back to normal again when I turned the ignition on. Engineering mode must have timed out. phew. On another note, activated needle sweep last night and got the SAT NAV eject button working so not deterred and will try some others at the weekend, like TPMS that I have seen on www.audienthusiasts.com That's if I have the correct ABS unit of course.
  2. Hi, Help... I was trying to eject the SAT NAV DVD from the drive and was advised to press and hold the Set-Up and Car buttons together to get into the hidden menu. I/m now stuck in the engineering screen with two options, System in the top right corner and Update in the bottom right corner. How do I get out of the mode please ?
  3. All sorted thanks. I was trying the wrong Address, Ross Tech contacted me this afternoon and confirmed the correct coding. My car has Address 5F for Sat Nav and Channel 18. I changed the setting from 1 to 0 this evening and the disc ejected. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the responses, appreciated. I have had the car scanned, see attached scan. There is no option for [37] - Navigation in the scanned log. Does this mean I have a fault somewhere or is it under a different heading. I assume its 3G Nav Low as it has two SD card slots and no joy stick and I don't think hard drive. Log-DG10 -WAUZZZ4F6BN011345-192250km-119458mi.txt
  5. Hi, I am unable to eject the disk from the Sat Nav drive in my new 2010 2.0TDI A6 saloon. The drive is in the glove box, next to the 6 CD drive, and when I press the eject button nothing happens. I have tied to access [37] - Navigation with VCDS and receive the error - 'No response from Controller' Do I have a fault somewhere ? VCDS shows no errors when I scan the car. Sat Nav works just fine but I want to buy an updated disk as the one in the car is the 2010 version, also would like to know if its 3G or 2G. The disc case that came in the car says its 3G P/N - 4G0 919 884 G, but nothing in the MMI menu gives me an option to select 3G and the display is 2G. Any help gratefully received. Cheers,
  6. Clutch problems - please help!

    As suggested there was a leak. The mechanic replaced a hose connected to the slave and bleed the system. All seemed fine until I took It for a 40 mile drive yesterday evening. I was on the motorway traveling about 70mph when the traffic started to slow down. As I went to change to lower gear I noticed that I had about two thirds of clutch pedal play. The pedal only engaged gear (clutch)in the lower third of the pedal travel. The rest was just free play, although the pedal no longer drops to the bottom. Back to the garage this morning then…
  7. Clutch problems - please help!

    Many thanks Cruiser for your assistance. The garage in question are looking into the problem for me and will call me tomorrow. They have already changed the Slave; without any additional coast to me, and suggested might need to look at the master cylinder and a ‘small hose’, related to fluids like you suggested.
  8. Hi, Help please! I have a 2.0 TDI 2005 A6 with 101000 miles on the clock. The biting point went from midway to the very top of the pedal travel. My local Audi specialist replaced the clutch Kit (plate, bearing and pressure plate I assume) AND dual mass flywheel due to judder. The car was fine for a few days but the biting point went to the top again and there was a little vibration. The garage then replaced the slave cylinder took the card for a test drive and as it didn’t resolve the problem he booked the car back in to have the clutch and DMF replaced under guarantee. This was completed last Friday. I started the car this morning, pressed the clutch pedal engaged 1st lifted my foot but the pedal failed to return to the top and the car started to move, I had disengaged the brake by now, the only way I could stop was to keep my foot on the brake and stalled the car, forgot about turning ignition off as I was fast approaching my garden wall! I was able to lift the pedal back by hand and it has been fine since. What could the problem please ? Cheers
  9. Mirror dip in reverse?

    I haven’t used hex/binary (conversion) in 30 odd years and must admit didn’t even think I had to convert before adding to the original values. I think I need to read the VCDS manual before I attempt any more mods. I’m only guessing I need to add 3 as this is the extract from the wiki and the link in my previous posting - xxxxxx?: Illumination § 0 = Needles OFF and Scales OFF (Term. 15 ON / Term. 58 OFF) § 1 = Needles ON and Scales OFF (Term. 15 ON / Term. 58 OFF) § 2 = Needles OFF and Scales ON (Term. 15 ON / Term. 58 OFF) § 3 = Needles ON and Scales ON (Term. 15 ON / Term. 58 OFF) Like I said the original coding in the controller is 2308443 so if I had to add 3 to this, in binary, that is 11 so adding this to the original coding I get 2308454 or am I being really thick and way off the mark? (dont answer that) I didnt really understand when you say 'So, the answer is: 1000110011100101011011'. Cheers
  10. Mirror dip in reverse?

    Ross Tech got back to me last night and confirmed that the Instrument Cluster in my A6 does not support Long Coding and that i need to add the total sum of options in the proper place from A6 wiki - http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/Audi_A6_%284F%29_Instrument_Cluster_%28through_MY_2008%29 My current instrument coding is 2308443 so if im reading this correct, i need to add 3 for the needle sweep to work. So i tried to change the coding to 2308446 but VCDS prevented me from doing this as it errored and said the code was out of range so i have left it now. I'll see if i can find another changes in the forums that i can make. Cheers for your help though.
  11. Mirror dip in reverse?

    Thanks again Scotty. I attempted the needle sweep and mirror dip earlier today but failed miserably. Needle sweep for example - [17 - Instruments] [Coding - 07] -> Long Coding Helper (I don’t have this option) -> Byte 1 Bit 0 - Check the box for "Gauge Test/Needle Sweep active" And I looked into mirror dip from the controller you mentioned in the above link but again, no long code helper. I have only just bought the VCDS and am running the latest S/W version. What am i doing wrong, I have also asked Ross-Tech and searching the forums, maybe my car controller is too old. A6 / C6 (4F) 2005 Cheers
  12. Mirror dip in reverse?

    Hi, Which controller is the mirror dip option in ? Cheers
  13. Audi MMI Video interface

    gizze - i cant use the one you mention as my MMI is 2G, but thanks anyway. Now looking for the reverse light connection, is there a connection under the glove box or do i have to take a cable to the boot and find the cable to the reverse bulb there. - cheers
  14. Audi MMI Video interface

    Hi, i bought and installed the AV interface as mentioned in my initial posting. I haven’t installed the camera as yet due to time. I did temporarily connect it to the AV unit to confirm it all worked. I need to connect a wire to the 12V+ reverse circuit, is there a connection near the glove box i could tap into or do i have to run a wire to the boot and the light cluster? And where do i connect this to please? Thanks for your help.
  15. Wheel Refurbishment

    Also try Repairs - Crystal Car Care Centre, Leamington Spa : Tel: 01926 336651 who are based in Leamington Spa. They did some work for me and allways did a brill job.