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  1. Audi S8/A8 D2 supercharger!!!!!

    We are planning to lower the compresion ratio, but on the other hand we can alter the gearing of the supercharger to have it blowing 0.5 - 0.6 bar. But my goal was to try it with the engine in a standard trim so the conversion can be done the most convenient way. I was hopeing to get around 35%power hike. I will try to make some rough calculations as to materials used tomorrow and give sort of price range.
  2. A8 Fuel pump blues. Can anyone help?

    DOnt mate! Buy a fule pump on ebay, just the little pump that sits insde the assembly unit. Ones byt VDO which are supplied as originals are around f90 and then refit it yourself. If u r having issues just drop me a line or if you lived in peterborough or around I can do it for you. 3 hours maximum and car running like new!!!
  3. Audi S8/A8 D2 supercharger!!!!!

    hello boys!!dont worry!I live in England and work here as well. I was born in Poland and moved here years ago hence the e-mail address I was using since day one. I will have to look at the price figures. We are planning to use ROTREX supercharger due to its servicing costs which are next to none and reliability. Brackets will be all CNCd and I can show you lads a bike kit for a hayabusa which is astonishing. Reliability wise i can not predict anything but was hoping to try 0.9 bar so shuldn't really be a major concern. If any of you would be interested please ither contact me or give me a shout on forum and I shall provide with more details. Regards, bart
  4. Audi S8/A8 D2 supercharger!!!!!

    thanks a lot for the info mate. We are just trying to do our own one as we cater for bikes and hondas and I wanted to have a projectg on my own. Thanks. I will try to be posting some pictures if we start making it happen:) regards, bart
  5. Audi S8/A8 D2 supercharger!!!!!

    Hello all. I am working for a force induction specialist and we are thinking of developping a supercharger kit for the S8. Please contact me if anyone is interrested. Should have a price figure at around monday. Take Care P.S my email is: [email protected] bart