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  1. I am thinking about buying a Z3, and i know pretty much nothing about them (apart from i like how they look) the big car i currently drive is not ideal for driving in and out of the city on a daily basis. i admit, there is a bit of petrol running through my viens, but now that a family is on the way, its time to make some better choices. my current car (2003 Acclaim), will be used as the family day to day car, but i will need my own car, mainly for getting to and from work, weekend drives. etc. I have been thinking about a Z3 for a while, as they are fairly small, convertable, but i realised, i really didnt know much about them. and thus why i am here. My main concerns are: Fuel Efficency? Maintenance? Service Costs? Power is not so much of an issue, although it is always nice to have it, when you need it. is there a better year (model)? if i go looking for one, what should i look out for? Any help will be apreciated.