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  1. Commercial Vehicle?

    Buy a new VW Transporter GP. Great fuel economy and low road tax.
  2. Test drive discrimination?

    That is really funny and about right. You couldn't pay me enough to drive a Peugeot.
  3. VW Shows Multivan "Edition 25"

    I'd rather have it as a panel van, than a Caravelle.
  4. It's guess the service time

    Since when has Subaru been a premium brand?
  5. New Van Arrived Today.

    Sold! Time for another T5. A 180 PS this time:grin:
  6. New Van Arrived Today.

    Just put mine in Pistonheads classifieds.
  7. Car keyed

    I feel a dog poo under the door handle moment approaching. Make sure you're watching when he finds it, but have a towel ready to stuff in your mouth to muffle your laughter. Better still, film it and post it on Youtube. It's even funnier if you use your own poo. Trust me, I know.
  8. New Van Arrived Today.

    Here look Dave.
  9. New Van Arrived Today.

    There is a new facelift Caddy out later this year. All I have been told by 3 dealers, is that there will be no more Sportline Caddys made in the current model style.
  10. New Van Arrived Today.

    They've stopped making them so hopefully that will help me shift it.
  11. New Van Arrived Today.

    Going from a T5 Sportline, it always had big shoes to fill. Where shall I start? Only 2 seats. Side loading doors are ridiculously narrow. No armrests on drivers seat. No locking glove box, not even a lid. Cup holders don't fit any cup i've ever owned. Looks like a hearse from the side. In all honesty, it drives really nice and goes like ****, but it's not a T5. An expensive mistake on my part.
  12. New Van Arrived Today.

    Actually it's not. Anybody for a 2 month old Sportline? I don't like it!
  13. En-ger-land Flags on cars...

    It's amazing how far jobseekers allowance can go if you're really careful.
  14. En-ger-land Flags on cars...

    I was in my local garage the other day, and seeing the large stand of England tat, asked the cashier if they had any German flags. If looks could kill, I wouldn't be typing this. I left with a smile on my face.
  15. Go faster Cosworth....

    I drive a VW Van. I've not owned a car for about 10 yrs. My gripe with the Subaru Impreza and the equally ugly Mitsubishi Evo is that both cars, are generally driven by middle aged boy racers at excessive speeds in built up areas. Especially it seems, in and around the villages in my area. If you hear a loud exhaust and a dump valve hiss, and see something race by, there's a fair chance it's an Impreza. I wish I was a traffic cop cos i'd nick every ****ing one.