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  1. Gt tdi Engine Managment light on???

    sorted now cruiser.....put in on a computer and it came up with 3 codes.. 2 for MAF and 1 for fuel temp sensor...he has reset them and it all seems fine now..not sure exactly what the problem was but seems to have cured itself :-) thanx Billy
  2. Gt tdi Engine Managment light on???

    Got ya!! the connector i thought it was is not the MAF , it was in front of the block to the right! Just been out in it and it seems to be driving really well again but the light is still on.....i have not done anything to the car..???
  3. Gt tdi Engine Managment light on???

    hi mate, not too clued up on the maf mass air flow? does it have electric connection on it? if so the clip that secures it on has broken and when i push it on it seems to be pushed back by air, just touched it and it has oil all over it....i have secured it on tight but the light is still on which part do i need to clean? ta billy
  4. I have a 57 Golf Gt TDI 140 I changed the air filter on it yesterday and when i came to drive it the Engine Management light is on.. I can feel a real difference in the running and performance of the car Does anyone know a solution to my problem pls? thanx in advance
  5. Hi , just wondering if anybody knows whether a mk6 tdi back exhaust will fit a mk5 gt tdi 140? thanx in advance Billy
  6. 170 gt tdi exhaust

    I currently have a 2007 GT TDI 2.0 140 , i am changing the appearance of the rear end and im looking for a 170 rear twin exhaust pipe . I can't seem to find one anywhere and all exhaust stores say its not on their system?? Does anyone know where i can get one from or know if the 2.0t fsi pipe will fit? Thanx billy:ffs:
  7. Gt TDi /Gti exhaust help

    I have a 57 plate 2.0 gt tdi 140.. I have bought a gti rear valance and was going to get some chrome exhaust tips but didn't realize how small and awkward the original pipes are. Does anybody have a 170bhp twin pipe they would sell or do you know it a GTi rear pipe will fit as i have been offered one off an Edition 30? I have been told it will fit but i'm not convinced... Your VW knowledge will be very appreciated :-) Thanx In Advance Billy
  8. edition 30 splitter

    Yes , thats all vw parts.....i'm on it :-)
  9. edition 30 splitter

    Just been back to dealer body shop , they said Edition 30 front spoiler Rear spoiler Side skirts all fitted ,painted and rear valance painted £600 all in Is that any good ?
  10. edition 30 splitter

    Hi guys Im new to site so bare with me :-0 Thanx in Im looking for an Edition 30 front splitter , i have a 57 plate golf gt tdi sport.I have been told they wont fit by the VW dealer , but then told by the VW body shop they will ?? Does anyone have one for sale and know if it will fit my car? Thanx in advance Billy