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  1. Hi All Hope you can help. My Dad has a Vw sharan Blue motion 2ltr 2008. After 10 miles a warning light like a coil flashes. No isses with engine or power loss and continues to drive normally. The garage tell us the fuel addative tank is empty. What and where is this tank? Does it have to be done at a garage? What dose the addative do? What is the addative? Any advice would be helpful. Why do we not have a VW Sharan Section? Like the Vw Passat section!!! Debbie
  2. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    I have had it back now for a few months, after all this i had to have replacement recon injectors. Well its running and i have done a gentle 1000 miles to run the new parts in. Although garage advise to put some injector cleaner in it. After all that work as well!!!!!!!!!!! I will do this as advised above. This has been the first most unlucky car i have owned so far and hopefully the last. Now have noise which i think is the power steering pump. see new thread Squeaking when steerings on full lock! Thanks for the advice.
  3. Squeaking when steerings on full lock!

    I suspecting the pump when i realised that it was squealing without the car moving (but on full lock). my current garage that have worked on the car said they make that noise!!!:confused:. I have taken it to a garage to have a towbar fitted and got second opinion on the noise, who say its the power steering pump. When on full lock you can see the belt jumping and making the noise. Now after the expensive year i have had with this car (see my other posts). Is this a simple job to do myself, with help from my dad!! Although the Haynes manuals are helpful but not as good as they used to be, please give some advice on things that could go wrong. thanks for reading Debbie
  4. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    Thank you :)for your comments the garage is an independant. The car went to a VAG dealer for a few days at the start of all this, but they came back with the flywheel problem. I should of demanded to know what the bill was before the flywheel was fitted. I haven't seen the report from the VAG dealer and don't even know if they plugged it in to a computer. I have told the garage no more money and i will take the car back as is, so p****** off with whole saga. He has now promised to fix the car at his cost, he doesn't want me to drive the car as it is. I just want my car back and the whole situation to end. :( This has all been guess work i think now. The bottom part of the engine has now been over hauled as well as the top. but it still not working. Now It is believed to be the injectors. Which is what the first thought was but the computer was telling them that it was all running okay and that was the new VAG/Audi laptop. I think too much reliance is on what the computer is tell these mechanics!! I'm not convinced that even its the injectors. its a manual diesel, i have not had the car back yet. The garage have now done the valves and pistons which has now lead them to the injectors because they did the valves and pistons obviously road tested it, and moved on to the injectors before informing me this is what was happening. there is not much left to change on the engine, but i'm not paying anymore money and i hope to have it back home by the end of the month because the more i discuss it the more mad i am becoming. It takes a lot for me to lose my temper!!
  5. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:PLEASE READ THIS SITTING DOWN :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: because this will shock you Okay Car till not fixed and i have told garage no more money. this is all the work and bill i have had Head gasket Set £76.00 mass air flow sensor £61.72 Heat Set 0.0 anti freeze £12.60 Head bolts £24.18 rad hose clip £1.20 Air Filter £8.20 injector kit £32.17 Oil Filter £5.20 cyl head carrage £24.00 oil £26.00 clutch kit £127.50 Recon head inc cam kit £478.00 flywheel £230.00 cambelt kit £88.26 6x flywheel bolts £13.56 water pump £38.60 pollen filter £9.95 Alt belt £9.86 Fuel filter £14.84 Aux belt tension £96.17 screen wash £1.20 bracket £45.84 sump washer £0.80 pully &crankshaft damper bolts £48.94 2 x tyres £103.56 Glow plugs £38.00 front pads £36.52 Front Discs £67.18 sundres £2.50 Labour but not all as had it over 7 weeks 280.00 +175.00 + 560.00 +VAT 72.02 +113.93 +294.32 total cost £3274.24 the car went in misfire running on 3 cylinders and a service the camshaft was the first problem as the head was sent away for reconditioning and it was all put back together and was running like an old diesel. trouble shotter came and drove the car around plugged into pc totry and find fault on luck. sent to vag in kings lynn spent a few days there came back its the fly wheel and mec. didn't believe this so had the head off a second time and replace the cam. No luck so i okayed the flywheel believing it would sovle the problem NO LUCK. Mec. compression tests the car comes back to be poor on all cylinders, so i pay the bill and say no more money. he said will fix compression prob only charge me the parts so no more than £100. Now i am told that thew injectors are faulty and only working slightly, well enough to runn the car. but its going to cost me another £800 I will not pay anymore and asked to have the car back will faulty injectors. question on the bill has injector kit and the recon head does this mean that it should work with all that work done on it?:confused::confused:
  6. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    Hi snowdon and vwsteve I know he took the exhaust off completely and ran it without with no change in the performance. He will try this after he completes the compression test, which will hopefully get done tommorow. Fingers crossed and pray!!!!!!!! As to the VW dealer I would hope that they would of done that when it went in, for diagnostics a few weeks ago, they had the car for two days!! It came back with dual mass flywheel problem and which was incorrect. Unfortunatly I have lost faith in VW dealers over the years. More news on friday late afternoon, lets hope its good!!
  7. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    Thanks for your help steve. I have spoken again to the garage again. He is going to do a compression test, then if that has no results then he is going to do a injector test. Everything that he has done has just not resolved the poor performance. If a sensor has gone wouldn't it show up on the computers he has plug the car into. I'm told that he has the newest diagnosic laptop that shows what the car should do and what the car is doing. He has even had a independant fault finder/ trouble shooter spend half a day driving it about, with not solution. This is why I'm here, hoping for a miracle:). Maybe I got one of those car you park on the drive and polish but just don't drive it!!!
  8. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    Hi Cruiser thank you for helping. The Car is at a good VW garage, no it is not a VW dealer or VAG specialist, he is an independant and a good one. this is causing him some grief!! He sent it to a VAG garage and they said to change the duel mass flywheel, which he has done with no change to the performance of the car. I think he may send it back VAG for more investigation. I will tell him any help that this site will give as i think he wants the car out of his garage as much as i want it back to drive. Many thanks Desperate Debbie!!!!!!!
  9. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    Also the MAF has been changed.
  10. Thinking caps on PLEASE

    Hi all I have a 52 Passat Diesel done 180,000 miles that went in to the garage with running on three cylinders and noisy. Now that is fixed and was due to the cam shaft worn. The problem that exists now is, it runs okay and sound good, but has very poor acceleration, and judders at 2000 revs. It will drive okay when cruising at 80 mph. Now the garage is stumped it has NO fault codes and had 2 types if compter checking, it has had a service as well new glow plugs, new fuel pipes the fuel filters all ok. new fuel pump, duel mass flywheel changed and it still has no acceleration. It drives like and old type diesel. This car should have 130 bhp, the borrowed nissan micro accelerates faster. Please help it been 5 weeks now and my friends want their car back. Debbie