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  1. ARC Wimbledon cup draw

    As a long, long time Wimbledon FC supporter, having traveled around the country watching them home and away every week, many years back, I moved to support AFC Wimbledon after the franchising and moving of the original club to Milton Keynes. Now, potentially there is the chance for Wimbledon to play the MK Dons in the FA Cup if they both get through their respective replays. Scary thought really - shame they aren't meeting in the same division as MK Dons are still two leagues above Wimbledon so not really a level playing field - but still, gonna be plenty of drama and emotions running high on this one. Dunc
  2. £950 Road Tax next year?

    UK is a rip of when it comes to cars - I'll be enjoying being ripped off again in a few weeks when I move back home... Fuel in New York is about $2.79 a gallon right now, which is quite cheap at the moment - last year was over $4.50 a gallon and that was shocking - price of SUVs and trucks plummeted - but hey $2.79 is pretty good and again, that's NY prices which is pretty high compared to some other States... Road fund licence doesn't exist here - or at least the nearest equivalent - is about $150 a year DMV registration fee - MOT equivalent is about $15. Don't get into interest rates either - on crap cars like Hyundai/Ford/Kias its 0% no questions, Porsche is about 1.9% APR and if you pay up to 5% on a car - you are being ripped off. i have been looking at cars in the UK and I see rates around 13% (not Porsche per se just your general Audi/BMW) god help me when I fill up at the pump in the UK for the first time
  3. New car of Joy!

    Looks nice Dave - 135?
  4. Saab may go bust

    I am currently in a saab 2.8 aero, which yes is GM owned which means Onstar and no bluetooth but my car has'nt let me down in just over 14 months - point being I never had a Saab before and I would now consider one going forwards - so they arent all that bad since GM got involved (at the doomsayers) Dunc (wishing he had a xwd Saab)
  5. Im interested in Personal Contract Hire..

    In the US, car leasing is big, you can see the rates on the BMW usa website. It seems that the leasing system is much easier here - you can basically lease a car with no deposit for the term you choose then give it back - both my cars are on lease and the interest rates are competitive too (approx 4% APR at the time). Much easier than it was in the UK Dunc
  6. Who's got the worst condition roads?

    NYC isn't too good either
  7. Brazilian GP Banter - The Final Race

    exactly - thats why everyone else changed to inters - on dry tyres in the rain you cant race - all you can do is tip toe around to stay on the circuit... Dunc
  8. Brazilian GP Banter - The Final Race

    Lewis for me too. It also surprises me that Lewis gets a bad rap - I think he is one of the most exciting drivers to come through the ranks and doesn't appear arrogant to me. If he does win it and become the youngest champion, that really caps what would appear to be an extraordinary career for him (so far). but hey ho, it all went wrong this time, same points, last year so you never know...and with the KERS system next year, who knows who will be fastest Dunc
  9. Why is petrol so expensive?

    exactly - $2.99 today in my town - be able to trade the 'economical' 2.8 v6 for a 5.8 v8 at this rate
  10. Why is petrol so expensive?

    Yep, that was for a US gallon, which is more like 3.8 litres as the US gallon is smaller than a UK gallon. My house uses oil so the price drop is welcome since the colder weather is setting in. Dunc
  11. Why is petrol so expensive?

    its dropping by the day in the US - filled up last week, $3.35 a gallon, filled up tonight - $3.05.. Dunc
  12. Chinese GP Banter

    Just watched the recording - shows how things have been lately, after the race I immediately went to the bbc sport page to check in case there had been any post race stewarding decisions.. Dunc
  13. Canadian GP off the calendar in 2009

    Yep that sucks - I went to Montreal this year and was planning to go next year again. There was 300,000 at the GP so it has plenty of fans. Dunc
  14. What's your favourite car from the 80s?

    the first one in the pic for me I had a 1.6 205 GTI on a B plate, the quattro is a F plate 88 model. Also liked the 309 GTI I had on a 89 G... Dunc
  15. Crude Oil Prices Skyrocket

    Petrol/Gas seems cheaper right now here - $3.79 for a gallon of regular at the moment - premium (like Optimax) is around $4.09 - at one stage over the last few months it was $4.25 for regular... Dunc