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  1. Corona Rings - Lights Upgrade???

    Yeah, me too - every time I see them I'm think "I WANT MINE LIKE THAT!!!" - they really upgrade the look of the car. I asked at my local BMW Stratstone but they didn't have a clue...should have known Thanks anyway - appreciate your reply Anyone else got any personal experience I can draw on?
  2. Corona Rings - Lights Upgrade???

    Thank you for the reply, I only have the e90 - aren't the new white lights just on the e92? Or am I confused again!?
  3. Corona Rings - Lights Upgrade???

    I have a standard 2010 3 series saloon and want the lights to have bright white (not blue) corona rings, instead of the dull yellowish colour they give off at the minute. Can anyone tell me what I need to buy, and where can I source it please? It must be 100% street legal, and not require the car to be majorly modified as I lease my car... I've heard Angel Eyes are what I need - but are they legal? Can I just buy some bulbs or do i need a HID conversion? I'm sure this has all been asked before, but there is so much info out there I'm just plain confused now:confused: Any help appreciated! Cheers
  4. 3 Series - Front seat problems

    Hi all, I have the latest 3 series in standard SE spec, and chose not to pay extra for lumbar support or electric seats. However, I can't position the drivers' seat properly at all and I'm having serious back trouble now. I do around 40,000 miles annually and this can't go on! Does anyone have any killer tips for positioning the seat please? Do I need to have the seat quite reclined, or is the straighter the better? Do I need to be close to the wheel with my arms bent, or further away with my arms straight?:confused: Any help could just change my life!!! PLEASE HELP
  5. Bedding in time for new diesel engines

    Thanks Scotty. The lease is 3 years on the car, so me thinks I'll be gentle with her for a few weeks and then I'll maybe step it up a bit. I've driven a 320d for a while now, and the 318d I'm getting needs to be worked a fair bit harder, so I'll have to give it some welly eventually. thanks for your help all :D
  6. Bedding in time for new diesel engines

    Thanks Dave - sound advice. I don't really know much about cars and engines, so this is all very helpful. Would this be something to do throughout the lifetime of the car, or will it just need this warming up for a few weeks/months initially? thanks!
  7. Bedding in time for new diesel engines

    Brill - thanks CarMad I'll take it easy for a week or two
  8. I'm just about to take delivery of a new 318d :D(at last - it's been 3 months since i ordered the thing!) and i've been told that some diesel engines need a "bedding in" period before you can access the higher revs... 1. Is this true?:confused: 2. If so, how many miles do i need to cover before the engine is bedded in? 3. how should i drive in the mean time? Any help appreciated - I don't want to wreck my first Bimmer! Ta :D
  9. 3 Series Sat Nav

    Hi guys, Anyone own/tried/seen the new 3 series compatable sat navs? You can check them out on this link: BMW UK: Owner area - Genuine BMW Accessories Thinking about buying one but need a bit more info first, on prices/Performance, etc. Basically, are they any good??? All help most welcome Thanks
  10. BMW messing me around?

    Mate, sorry to hear about the service (or lack of) you've been receiving. (Are you sure it's not a Vauxhall dealership???) I think you've hit the nail on the head though - keep the loan car, as it gives them a genuine reason to get your Xenon's sorted, and get BMW HQ involved ASAP. Failing that, get the dealership manager lined up on the forecourt, and reverse that 6 cylinder bad boy all over him. Repeatedly. Good luck, keep us posted...
  11. 1 Series Coupe - Shark Fin

    Hi all, I've got a mate who is soon to order the 118d Coupe, and REALLY wants the "shark fin" ariel on his roof. Does anyone know which optional extras he needs to select for this? ie. Would DAB Digital radio give him "the fin"??? Any help greatly appreciated guys+++
  12. Company car remap

    They might just buy that Bazza, good plan. Are remaps reversable, as the lease company will expect the car back exactly as it was delivered once the lease runs out?
  13. Company car remap

    Thanks TT - that's not the sort of risk I'd like to chance! Maybe just have to hang fire, and wait a few years until I can afford to run a 330d. Hadn't realised that it would invalid the insurance. Thanks for your help+++
  14. Remapped BMW 318d

    Hi guys, I'm expecting delivery of a 318d in January as a company car. If I get it remapped, is there any way that my company might find out? Are there any "tell tale signs" that would give the game away? Would my local BMW dealiership ever know? Any help much appreciated
  15. Company car remap

    Hi guys, I've just ordered a 318d company car, expecting delivery in January \9:D\0 If I get the car remapped, is there any way that my company might find out? Are there any "tell tale signs" that would give it away? Any help/comments much appreciated