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  1. R32 owner thinking of swapping

    hi there you only live once i looked at loads of varioues and different cars THEN i saw a tamora pretty much the same as t350 and f..... me the best 18k i ever spent use it and dont let the thought of not having tc abs air bags put you off just put the window down and listen to that baby go and you will not look back the speed 6 just keeps going on and on. the worse thing about the tamora is when you have to put back to its bed when u are done with it but you will be totaly in yer element and probably still be grinning for hours after it if you have got a bit of a savi on how a car can be driven then try this. just remember that you push and pull the pedals etc but she is still in charge when she wants and she will let you know this from time to time .so be ready for that we tester from time to tiime enjoy my friend your a real man now lol
  2. tamora wheel allingment

    hi all i have a tamora 02 plate can any one tell me what the wheel allingment should be set at as i have had a few different tow settings etc and cant get the same answer twice cheers jim:ffs: