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  1. My porsche drawings

    Here are some of my Porsche related drawings, feel free to comment, thanks.
  2. My Ferrari drawing

    Something a little bit different, but still a nice italian car...
  3. My Ferrari drawing

    Thanks i am glad you like'em. You can check my blog to see more: Miha Furlan motorsport art
  4. My Ferrari drawing

    Something new...
  5. My Ferrari drawing

    Primarily it's a hobby, but if people ask i also sell, with heavy heart though...
  6. My Ferrari drawing

    I sure did Btw here are some more drawings.
  7. My Ferrari drawing

    For sure i make some measurements before i begin but apart from that, everything is done free hand , (no rulers used).
  8. My Ferrari drawing

    Thanks, glad you like'em, here are a few more...
  9. My Ferrari drawing

    Here is a small selection of my Ferrari related drawings, hope you will like 'em...