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  1. headrests of touran stuck

    hi guys Im delighted to have my new touran last few days, for some stupid reason I put the headrest other way around theyre stuck can you give me any advice to remove them:ffs:
  2. Which remap

    :ffs:oops i did not get it, looks like I have to go back to the garage to have the trial remap removed.again thanks guys it was very informative
  3. Which remap

    Thanks for the reply guys ,I was not aware that trial software of revo needs to be reflashed after, the garage did not explain it to me.but anyway if I order the sts system will this rectify the thing straight forward through my cars diagnostic port ?Or do I need to mention this when I order sts system so they could input a program on it:rolleyes:
  4. im planning to remap my mk5 gti is these also included in the sts promo:)
  5. Which remap

    hi guys im planning to remap my mk5 golf gti ive tried revo but any more you could recommend