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  1. Letter F to leave F1

    Fs decision to leave the world of Motorsport is not new. Even before the recession, a few years ago, the letter F left the world of pro wrestling, citing that the redneck demographic was no longer its target consumer, F wishing to move further upmarket from the old Chubby Brown F word routines to posh-food chef Gordon Ramsey's F word. A quote from the time: “F’s departure from the World Wrestling Federation is a great loss as it is one of the sport’s icons,” Vince McMahon, chairman of WWE (ex WWF) said. “The WWF has created true champions such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H and its absence will be felt by many the world over. “Although this decision closes a significant chapter in WWF’s history, our focus now turns to the future.” Soon afterwards Mr McMahon signed a deal with the letter E, becoming WWE. It is hoped that F1, or 1 as it is now known, can sign a deal with the letter "E", which is hoping to move into sporting arenas shaking off the rave culture image it obtained in the early 90s. The resultant sport would be known as E1, and when the BBC TV deal runs out, could possibly be shown on one of E's TV channels - E! or the freeview tie up with Channel 4, E4.