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  1. Mk4 +mk5 wheels

    I have a Mk5 Golf with standard steel wheels my neighbour has 2 mk 4 golf wheels same tyre size has my own are the wheels interchangeable? or do i need to change rims thanks
  2. I have a mk 4 Golf x reg the heated rear widow does not work - there is no 12v to glass switch lights up when pressed but nothing happens borrowed haynes from library but it was useless any ideas?? Don
  3. I have a year 2000 5dr mk4 Golf which has no central locking I am finding it very inconvenient and now the lock mech on the drivers door has packed in and I cannot lock- unlock from the out side I am thinking of fitting a remote central locking unit to the front doors either going to a scrap yard and buying some old units or I am told there are some non VW parts I could fit Can it be done? how hard is it? Any other suggestions? Thanks Don blade