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  1. TVR Cerbera

    I can just claim it no cost at all... the car is currently not registered with DVLA, it is a UK car and on UK plates. (All legal there) The car is in Germany.
  2. TVR Cerbera

    Hi, I know of a TVR Cerbera that could be going to the scrap yard in the sky, I have the chance to claim it..... The original owner has moved and left the car, he has had a couple of letters too get it moved but hasn't bothered. He left the car with a colleague who was supposed to sell it on (He wanted £10,000 for it). So it has sat there for a year maybe more, as I said it's off to the scrappy. It looks straight could do with a wash... but have been told that the engine is shot, the original owner was told that it will cost £5000 to put right...! Something to do with the head. Is it worth saving? It will deffo need the brakes and tires changed, now how much would a new engine be? or to have a head re-build? I don't know which model it is I would need to have a better look at the weekend. Any ideas??? Regards Tim