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  1. MFD2 (DVD) VW SatNav

    mb, the mfd2 does not take sd cards, you can play audio cd's in the single dvd slot, but no navigation when doing this.
  2. BBS Challenge Alloys

    They look very good,and are on the wanted list, considering dark CH's as a contrast with the red paintwork, i had noticed the pics before,no plans for another "trip" ??
  3. The Noise

    I need a service first, much better prices from Star, and more work being done than the dealer would quote me, even though i asked for specific things to be done to the car the VW service dept, " THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE DOING SIR" i know that you muppet but i'm asking for it to be done, ending in my VW booking being cancelled and a trip to Star arranged. I'll let you know nearer the time Tosh.
  4. The Noise

    That was a good day out, funny you posted that, i was speaking to Jim yesterday !!!
  5. The Noise

    First 2 were 5dr mkiv's Riz, this one is a 3dr mkv, i almost went for another 3dr and had paid a deposit on one. Took some time though and found a mk5 with a good spec i was after and settled on that. Was really hoping to find a sunroofed car but they are very hard to track down.
  6. The Noise

    It's pretty good being back in a small car again !!!! Drove from Kinross to Kincardine bridge yesterday with the window open, thats a great road with no traffic on it..... Will take a couple of pics when its clean, its a 3dr, in tornado red with the bucket seats, which are incredibly comfortable.
  7. The Noise

    ....... is just fantastic, collected my 3rd R32 on Friday, it sounds so much better than the TDI i have been driving!!!!!
  8. Cheap Meguiars products!

    Ordered some leather cleaner and MF cloths, not much else left now. Good Find Scotty
  9. BBS Challenge Alloys

    Was the guy local to you TP ??
  10. Would these BBS Ch's fit my Mk5 R32?

    Lenny, what tyre size did you fit to the CH's ??
  11. Prospective buyer - Q re TV & DAB

    Radio stations carry on playing when the vehicle is in motion, its only the picture that is blanked off. Reception is poor however, kept turning back to normal radio as the signal was constantly dropping.
  12. RNS 510/ MFD3 Help Please!!!

    If the car is originally specced with OEM satnav, does highline come as standard then?
  13. Has overtaking become illegal

    [ QUOTE ] I heard the best way to get rid of a tailgaters (since guns and shooting people are illegal) is to gently speed up and slow down in a wave action - so they are accelerating and braking out of sync with your actions. It becomes so painful they back off. Not tried it often. Some mates just brake and stop, let the car go past, bit drastic that one. [/ QUOTE ] Brake, stop, get out the car and ask them what they are doing, all very politely and non agressive of course
  14. SPLiiX

    Would have been safer in the harbour, the Q7 was divebombed nearly a dozen times by the seagulls
  15. SPLiiX

    Not you but your car, aberdeen harbour this morning. Think that's the first time I've spotted you in Aberdeen