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  1. Cayenne wet drivers side carpet

    It was a blocked drain hole on the driver's side! If you look at the wheel arch, about 20cms towards the back of the car, underneath, 5 cms in, there is a drain hole. It's maybe 0.5 cm in diameter. There is one on each side of the car. Just use a smallish screwdriver, welding rod etc to unblock. They get full of silt. Apparently gallons came out. The side leg of the car fills with water and then leaks into the cabin. So I shall be regularly checking mind! And the garage I took mine too, Northway Porsche near Reading, didn't charge me a penny. They had a dehumidifier in it all day. Top blokes so highly recommend them. I shall be taking my car there for all work in the future! Hope this helps someone else out...
  2. Cayenne wet drivers side carpet

    OK thanks anyway. I've got it booked into the local Porsche independant garage (Northway Porsche). Guy on the phone seemed to think blocked drain around the bulk head. Not an uncommon problem apparently. Makes sense with all the rain over the last couple of weeks, combined with the amount of leaves that have fallen where we live. I'm going to hunt around myself in the footwell and under the car to see what I can find - hopefully an obvious squirell nest or some such I'll post back here the outcome in case it helps anyway else in the future.
  3. Cayenne wet drivers side carpet

    Thanks Garcon. It's only the 3.2 V6 - so while sounding awesome with the sports tailpipe it isn't the quickest thing on 4 wheels. What sort of thing should I be hunting around the footwell for? Is it an obvious 'hole' or a pipe or something? Sorry to sound like a complete novice!
  4. Cayenne wet drivers side carpet

    Hi, I noticed recently the drivers side front carpet was soaked. I took up the carpet and it really was drenched. I've been told its likely an AC drain hole that is blocked. Is this correct? If so how do I unblock? I've poured warm water over the windscreen to check that for leaks and that seems OK. I'm running with AC off to see if that shows up anything. Regards Mike