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  1. The other day I went to start my car and nothing happened. I own a Mk3 Golf, 1.9 diesel. I turned the key to the first stage, all the dash lights come on, the glow plug light goes off, I turn the key, and then nothing. No clicks, no spluts, just nothing; silence. The Haynes manual says it is possibly the relay for the starter motor that has gone. However I have no idea which of the relays controls the starter motor, or even if it is the relay, as I am never 100% on trusting Haynes books. The glow plug light has never been 100%, not always coming on, but the car has always started no problem, even when the light never came on. The last time I ran the car the engine did star with a slight hesetation, which I think is a first. ANY help will be really appreciated as I can't afford the £100 per hour labour garage to do a simple job I could do at home for parts cost. Thanks Chris :confused: