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  1. Brakes r32

    good choice mate you cant beat the APs on an m+++
  2. Brakes r32

    Im standard at the moment, ive only had the car 3 weeks i had a CSL BBK on my m3 with 2 Piece floating rotors, castroll SRF, braided lines and PF pads which were imense, although they dont make them for an r32:eek: the discs are a bloody nightmare to source ive been looking all night with no avail ! ive found the pads in a few places now cheers !
  3. Brakes r32

    Are these all road pads with track orientation ? any idea where to buy them mate ? and which do you reccon is the best from cold ? Question overload
  4. Brakes r32

    Alrighty guys ive just bought myself a set of r32 fronts for my gti MK5. Im going to upgrade the pads and discs, just wondering what you guys were running and what you recommend (for road and a few track days) ive been looking all over the net and cant find feck all on suppliers ! ideally i was looking for two piece front disks if they exist for the r32 and can be had for under £330 either that or a nice set of grooved numbers. pad wise i was thinking of pagids blue possibly although these must be suitable for road, work well from cold and not squeak cheers !
  5. Et 45 ??????

    Thanks ! Ive already bought a set of OEM monza iis Now, they need re-furbed though !
  6. some piccys

    Not been to laggan yet, is it good ? Been at inners once on my new bike, i didnt enjoy it though it was bucketing and i ripped my jacket on the first run, so ended up doing another 5 in the freezing cold rain and it took me about 2 hours to dismantle my bike as my hands were frozen solid, so ive decided to hang it up for the winter !
  7. some piccys

    Innerleithen mostly, i used to do alot of trails but due to a lack of room my misses made me get rid of a bike, so just decided to stick with DH, My plan is to buy a light weight set of wheels for trails, i reccon it wont be too bad for the likes of glentress, i do think it could do with a degree or so slacker on the head angle though, yea monza 2s are nice !
  8. some piccys

    heres my bike ive just finished
  9. some piccys

    yea i know, ive been looking for pescaras but "rockin horse sh1t" springs to mind, I think im going to go for oem 18" as i really want to keep the oem offset as i think that psss9s or v2s are inevitable. what have you got on yours jon ?
  10. some piccys

    A wee pic of my previous car, feckin loved that motor and some pics of my new GTI, in standard form (it wont be like this for long) i missed having a black motor, its awesome looking after a wax.
  11. Et 45 ??????

    Thats good enough for me, if im going to even slighty get issues through track driving im not interested Thanks mook
  12. Et 45 ??????

    Alright has anyone had any problems with ET 45 offset on the mk 5 gti Ive been offerd a set of BBS CHs, 18" - 8" wide. with eagle f1s 225 45 18 tyres the offset is ET 45 (not OEM ), at some point i might go for coilovers so i dont want anything that will even possibly remotely rub Cheers guys, any experiances appreciated.
  13. Top Gear - is it time for a change?

    Ohhhhhhh dont get me started on top gear, How much great new cars have they failed to test due to them fcuking about with stupid, fake challenges :mad::mad:. I remember when car programmes used to be about reviewing motors, Fith gear is what ive shifted too, at least they have two people who can actually drive cars jason and tiff. Rant over:grin:
  14. Hi Newbie Here, Just picked up my mk5 GTI

    Thanks ben ill give you a bell soon, it will be good having a yap with someone in the Know, and you might just get a sale too:) Yea DH, ive not done much this year though. Mainly due to destroying my boxxers at fort Bill and deciding to build a new bike. I split my both bikes about 6-8 months ago and sold all the bits seprately, my aim was to build and own just one bike. I eventually finished it last month, but the weather has been proper sh1t, so havnt been out much. I thought that looked like the middle section of the innerleithen freeride bit, i thought it was called make or brake, Yea too pedally for me too that bit, its not good with the 2.5 supertackys on
  15. Hi Newbie Here, Just picked up my mk5 GTI

    Cheers jon, Ive heard of drivers before, Not been there before though. Is that picture in your signature at Make of brake in innerleithen Thats grate mate cheers. I suspect that it has already been mapped. I have a TWO year warranty with it , My plan is to get star P to check if it has been previously mapped when i get the cam belt changed, i want to leave it standard for the next couple of months as ive just bought it and i would like to make sure nothing is going to go wrong first. Whats your name mate is it ben im speaking too ? The map your offering sounds good too, ill give you bell Cheers Bryan