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  1. Lancia bodywork

    First post here, so hello to all. Watched Top Gear the other night and they had a big section on Lancias and how good/bad they were. It reminded me of a story told told to me by a plumber who I hired earlier this year. I don't know if it is one of those legends that gets passed around. He told me about a friend of his who owned a new Lancia in the eighties which inevitably turned orange with rust soon after being bought. This friend had a member of his family who was some kind of scientist and worked for ICI. The scientist suggested he took part of the rusting metal to work where he would analyse it. The Lancia owner agreed, duly pulled off a bit of the rusting bodywork and gave it to his clever relative. After several weeks the boffin got back to him and said having done some tests on the sample he had come to the conclusion the car body was made from melted down old ships. Surprised the Lancia owner asked how he could possibly know this, to which he got the reply, there was lots of barnacle DNA within the metal! I've no reason to doubt the plumber who told me, but has anyone else heard of this? Thanks....