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  1. My exhausts had it!!!

    update, its on and you we're all spot on,sounds & looks great, let the popping & growling begin!!!!! thank you all
  2. My exhausts had it!!!

    Thanks mate, not so sure about being forgiven, but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do!!! A VERY MERRY XMAS TO YOU
  3. Sagging Xenons !

    If your still having trouble? Try to google MiniMatt, there is'nt much the guy does'nt know, He also sells reconditioned stuff as well.
  4. My exhausts had it!!!

    Thanks for the help guys,but the deeds been done! paid £300 for a brand new scorpion cat-back system,it was on ebay being sold by junction26m1 an ebay shop name all the customer reports are 100% so sounds cushdy. Problem now is explaining to the wife why she's got an exhaust system under the tree come christmas morning:finger:
  5. My exhausts had it!!!

    Thanks a lot boys! The reason I fancy a none genuine is it'll last longer and sound better but apart from that the price is right. podge 2111, how much of a difference did it make to the mrs "S" and did you have to fit an induction kit to make it complete or can I make do without one for now? suppose this'll be my chrimbo prezzie from the wife even though its our car!!!
  6. My exhausts had it!!!

    oops sorry Andy,its for a 03 cooper s,I've been told that the original system's pattern has'nt been released, so local franchise companies can't get it for me! Thats what the the service team at my mini garage says and theyve been pretty good so far. Also would I have to fit an induction kit to tie in with the exhaust or is it not a must just yet? because Gordon Brown's had all my money with road tax and petrol duty bless him.
  7. My exhausts had it!!!

    HELP! My exhaust is on the way out mainly the back box,I've seen a scorpion cat-back system for sale but can't find any reviews on them,seen a youtube clip and it sounds ok.did'nt want it to loud but as near as possible to the stock one,any advice????:confused:
  8. modern mini mag !

    hello to all! I'm new to this forum game so be gentle.Don't know how many of you buy modern mini mag ? I've been buying it for nearly 3 years and frankly I'm sick and tired of the same articles,people and clubs in it month after month.I've tried to email them but never seem to get any response. I've been all over the country too shows they've advertised and arrived to be greeted by an overwhelming number of the classic mini mob,with their usual jibes, I was as welcome as a fart in a space suit! so I've stopped going to them.Why encourage us to go if there's nothing for the new mini owner & no traders selling any gear for us and new minis are'nt really welcome ?.anyway like I said after nearly 3 years I going to stop buying it! anybody have the same opion?:mad::mad::mad:
  9. Dashboard Rattle!!

    Hi mallet1, its my first time here too! I've had the same problem a while back on my R53 cooper s,found out that it was down to the autoglym cleaner Iwas using.Apparently the silicone in the solution gets in to where the dash joins the frame work and caused it to creak and rattle,because the dash is what the mini machanic called a "floating dashboard",he suggested a mildly damp soapy cloth and it worked,no more creaks and rattles.If you keep your car really clean like me try this before you get rid. whoolyback