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  1. After Market stereo (alpine) help

    Thanks for the help I paid someone to fit the cables to the fuse box. Went back twice as it won't hold the memory. I will go back again and get it routed to the battery. Seeing as I paid them to sort it out and took there advice. The harness kit I got works with the steering controls and parking sensor so its all good apaprt from losing radioa nd bluetooth settings. Need to find a new stereo now so the colour matches. The blue on my Alpin 104i BT lloks rubbish against the orange. So I need a stereo to o the following; Iphone plug in Bluetooth USB CD (Optional) Colour matching or colour selection PLain as possible in black Minimal flashing lights Steering control essential ANy help would be great
  2. After Market stereo (alpine) help

    Thanks. I tried there also and didn't much further. I serached around the posts but didn't find any answers other than it could be done. Will try an audio fitting shop and see what the cost iis. If it more than buying a new stereo I will just get a new stereo instead. Do you know if you have to do the smae for other brands or is it just Alpines that need the constent power. Cheers for the help
  3. Got the full kit harness facia etc but not sure where I can power it from. Have a long yellow cable that needs to go to the battery or at least a constent power source. Is this common with all after Market stereos or only with alpine? May consider the easy option of a new stereo. Any way I found the fuse box in the glove box and was wondering if I could take the cable straight there. The cable has a spade end so would fit in a spare fuse socket. Question is which are constently fed and spare. Any help routingthe cable and knowing which to plug into would be great. Thanks