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  1. RS3: Have you ordered one? Have you received a build date?

    Looks like poverty spec to me, except for: Exclusive Paint - Kingfisher Blue Bose Load Through facilty Very basic, I actually toyed with Kingfisher Blue on my original order... I think the Sprint Blue looks better+++
  2. RS3: Have you ordered one? Have you received a build date?

    So Ash, is she undressed yet? Pics.... Mines just returned an ave of 29 mpg and 316 miles from a tank... So not too bad. Oh and got a result from Audi too, will send you an E-mail when I get home later.
  3. RS3 Suzuka Grey Customers

    Nope nor me. Seen several at Dealers awaiting collection/delivery to their new owners. Hope your looking after "my" R Riz...
  4. RS3 Suzuka Grey will it ever appear???

    Replies sent ...
  5. RS3 Suzuka Grey will it ever appear???

    Ash you got mail...
  6. RS3 Suzuka Grey will it ever appear???

    Morning all..update on Suzuka Grey issue, although no reason from Audi as to why it's been delayed... News from Audi today... First batch of Suzuka Grey RS3's are due to be built mid December then a second batch at the end of January..... Fingers crossed.
  7. RS 3 Tested.

    Sorry you've lost me on that one...:confused:
  8. RS 3 Tested.

    The RS3 rides them well, better than I expected, in fact better than my wifes old Polo GTI
  9. RS 3 Tested.

    Cheers Mr Mook+++ And yes please to the ride...
  10. RS 3 Tested.

    No it's not, it's firm but not to harsh. See my comments above..
  11. RS 3 Tested.

    Q car it is.. It's not just the engine, the S tronic gear box is so smooth it adds to the get up and go of the engine, the ride is firm but doesn't knock your fillings out over the slightest pot hole nor is it too soft that it bounces round like a space hopper:oneseries:. I gave it some beans from a side junction out in the sticks pulling out on to a B road just as I was doing so a car came barralling along round the bend but before he caught up we we're off up the road leaving him in the dust The point and squirt of this car great:) Don't just base it the current A3, this car is so much better and will really bring a smile to your face. Don't just take my word for it, go get a run out in one.
  12. RS 3 Tested.

    I went into the test drive with an open mind as having read quite a few car magazine reports and slating the car has been getting I wasn't to hopefull it was all I wanted it to be. Having not too long ago driven the Golf R and a Focus RS, BMW 335 each of those car's didn't come up to scratch or I found something I didn't like and couldn't like with, in the Focus's case it was very poor build quality, Golf R didn't really hit the mark and the BMW a bit bland. So yes it bought back the smile factor for me, plus is practical for my needs. Oooo Jag XKR-S...nice.....
  13. RS 3 Tested.

    WOW what can I say, this car is awesome, It's so much better than I thought it was going to be, even my wife said the last time I smiled that much at a car was when I bought my Escort Cosworth over 12 years ago... So the car was an Ibis White one, only three options, Roof bars, Rear Tints and Arm Rest and the rear tints had not been done properly as the rear most glass was still untinted on both sides... The look of it from walking up to it is quite an aggressive looking car with the standard deep Audi RS grill all finished in black. No other black trim on the front which against the white looks really nice. The front wings are rather flared to cover those massive 19" alloys and bigger tyres fitted to the front. The doors mirrors are the standard S3 alloy coloured jobs. The rear of the car was finished with a piano black rear diffuser and black chrome twin tails pipes exiting on the near side rear. A small rear wing extends out over the rear hatch. Again this was all white, but if you spec the silver/ally finish then the little side extensions will also match the front trim and also the top most parts of the door handles. The 19" Rotor alloy wheels really fill the arches and look the part, they'll also be easy to keep clean too. Inside is standard A3 fare apart from a smattering of RS3 logos on the gear shift and and dials. Missed the boost gauge display on the car...forgot to check it out..doh!! The steering wheel is a chunky affair with a dimpled finished, not to my liking as i prefer the smooth finish of the S3 version, but it has a nice overall feel none the less. This car also had the standard RS3 sports seats, no electric lumbar support on this car either. All finished in Silk Nappa leather. On firing the car up get a nice burble from the exhaust. On leaving the forecourt the acceleration is just awesome and unbelievably smooth, the 7 speed S tronic gearbox is superb, really smooth both on going up and down the ratio's. change down using the paddles and it blips the throttle The car really is a wolf in sheeps clothing, over rough roads it soaks up the bumps never getting crashy or riding rough like some sports hatches I've driven before. Round town it's really docile and happy to pootle along at 20 mph. Open it up and the 5 pot engine really comes alive and that lovely offbeat sound brings a big smile to your face. The brakes a brilliant too. We travelled over a mixture of fast dual carriage way, A and B roads and some small country roads. Both dry and wet, the RS3 took them all in it's stride. For those that know what it is, we got some admirable glances and a thumbs up, otherwise she just blended in with the other cars, for me I'm happy with that. So overall, yes I'm mightally imprssed and can't wait now to get mine. This todays car, these were taken last week when it was dry. Enjoy..:bow: Some from Goodwood FOS A big thanks to Simon Jackson and the team at Stoke Audi for todays demo..
  14. RS3 Prospective owners only information thread

    Nope, not too keen on them Mookster...Suzuka Grey with the grey/antracite colour alloys.
  15. RS3: Have you ordered one? Have you received a build date?

    Stone me that's a small number...