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  1. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    I suspect that "rear spoiler" is actually one like you see on the roof of a lorry to deflect air over the trailer.
  2. Polo playa 2001 not starting

    Good point, and well put!
  3. Polo playa 2001 not starting

    You "opened the petrol tank and the petrol just poured out"! Oi, lads, this geezer's over-filled his petrol tank!
  4. New pants please

    Love the 3 in synch BMs at 1.05
  5. New pants please

    Seriously lucky bugger 1/2 in 1/2 out at 34 sec!
  6. Bizarre Story

    Luckily I got to the mute button before it started. Even with an Audi "on point" the car is the star!
  7. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

  8. S8 V10

    M5......Auto?????? "the devil's car!" You can't have a V10 M5 Auto! Everything else you say about that particular car tells me it is a bit of a duffer! The v10 M5 when de-restricted will allegedly do 208mph.
  9. F1 2017

    HMMM! I take it Ham has sacked his style guru?
  10. 1Gbps Fibre Internet

    One would do me! In fact 1/4 would do me!
  11. Audi stopped from selling Petrol models Europe

    That's good, a hybrid that adds complexity and increases fuel consumption!
  12. One-touch memory / keyless go / safety password

    I would be asking if it is even a system feature to be able to show a DVD to the driver!!!! But, then I suppose it is an Audi, so the driver doesn't need to pay attention anyway!
  13. Cars. France versus Austria

    Bloody 'ell those tyres grip well!
  14. Company Car Choice - Sensible Head On

    Both good points & both well put.
  15. Supercar megabuild - 100k heap of $hit

    There is another case of technology for the sake of technology if ever there was one! I know, let's put a £100 actuator where a £30 cable & lever has worked perfectly for decades! Talk about another thing to go wrong!