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  1. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Keep up the good work Mr W.
  2. Felipe Massa retiring from Formula 1

    So is he going to hand back his retirement presents now? Of particular interest will be his 2016 car!
  3. Coincidence!

    Had a similar experience some years ago. Second car I ever bought NHO721T (IIRC) 1.6 Scirocco. Second wife (with my help) some 5 + years later bought a Scirocco in the same colour NHO720T? The details may be incorrect but they were 1 number apart & something similar to the above.
  4. A4 2007 2.0tdi blown intercooler

    Slight whistle.....HMMMM........Could that be the turbo?
  5. This must sound fantastic!!!!

    Having been a spectator in the Humber GP (boat style) in the nineties & noughties, the sound of the 2 x Lambo-engined boats competing in that, then 'ner! Not really.
  6. LED Headlamps

    You beat me to it.
  7. LED Headlamps

    Had a similar experience a few years ago, Mini tried several times but failed, I was behind them in the queue they created (3.0 Senator B) and whizzed straight in, in one attempt. WOO HOO!!! For testicles!
  8. TSN facebook

    If you look about 2" below the place you click to reply you will see the clue...........
  9. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Just the same one as always this time of year. Lose the seemingly inevitable "winter plumage" that comes this time of year.
  10. Wet car?

    Salt is just as hydroscopic & still odour free & just as effective.
  11. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Fanny magnet? I don't think so!
  12. Audi a8 problem don't start

    I don't think he is listening.......
  13. Audi a8 problem don't start

    Which is what I said, the ECU does not know that you have fitted a new battery until you tell it that you have. WHY YOU NO RISHEN?
  14. Audi a8 problem don't start

    Pretty much all new(ish) VAG cars need to be told they have a new battery when you change it. Someone with more specific info will tell you more, but I think most Audi specialists have the electronic gubbins to connect into the car's ECU & tell it that it has a new battery.
  15. 530i vs 535d

    What I am (and others are) trying to say is if you are having to buy a high mileage example of a car to be able to afford it, you will have to expect the possibility of high bills. Better to manage your expectations and get a lesser car with lower expected bills if the bills are going to be an issue. What others are trying to say is there are cars that have been to the moon & back but been looked after that should be more reliable, and there are those that haven't been looked after & won't be reliable. Either way, if you are only doing short journeys a large-engined turbo diesel auto with DPF is NOT the car for you whether it is AWESOME or not, and IF you insist on buying one you WILL have to expect some big bills unless you get a perfectly well looked after example that at least gives you a chance for a few years before it starts going wrong. And now AAAHMOOT!