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  1. F1 2017

    FTFY, she always forgets to put them on.
  2. Well said Mr T, stunning car finally from AR again. My tastes are simple too, as an alternative I offer you....... Although I hasten to add I don't think they are still in production.
  3. Wheeler Dealers on Discovery

    Does that mean the Edd will now be free to take up from Aaron Kaufmann on Fast 'n' Loud?
  4. Why is diesel now so evil?

    It wasn't too hard was it, but it did have to be said.
  5. Why is diesel now so evil?

    And I have a chemistry question for those more cleverer than me..... OK, I'll narrow that down a bit. If I p!ss in the barrel of adblue after a few beers will it work the same?
  6. Why is diesel now so evil?

    To get back to the original question. Adblue £14.00 are they taking the p!ss?
  7. Why is diesel now so evil?

    Now that is green?
  8. Audi Cocklight DRLs

    Yes, but it was an audi so anyone with their eyes open could have told you that.
  9. John Surtees CBE

    A TRUE motor racing legend, and one of the nicest people in the sport.
  10. 2 perfect Escorts

    Me too, what a let down! It could have been so different.
  11. New pants please

  12. expensive numberplates

    Or can't spell window.
  13. New pants please

    I assume the new pants were for the Focus driver? The cock Ferrari driver clearly doesn't have the brains to know he needs new pants!
  14. pd and tdi

    Holy thread resurrection Batman!
  15. Why is diesel now so evil?

    IIRC BP offerred the Blair government exactly that instead of decommissioning North Sea rigs, even spending £50m of their own money, alas his Toniness reneged on the deal.