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  1. New Mustang

    Aren't they all active safety features? Passive safety features are those that mitigate the effects of a crash, active attempt to prevent a crash from ever happening in the first place.
  2. New Mustang

    ie, NOT!
  3. Oil light on

    Just remember your "oil pressure warning light" is a warning that your oil pressure is low NOT YOUR OIL LEVEL!
  4. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    The car or the plate? I wouldn't want the car!
  5. I was asuming they meant value not cost. Not that they would be actually worth that much, but they would sell them for that.
  6. Dounds like JLR trying to recoup the cost of an engine recall on their insurance to me...........£3m in 6 min? Let's say an engine costs JLR £20k, that would be 150 engines loaded in 6 min..........
  7. FREDDY in his S63 AMG

    That isn't Freddy, it is FR63DDY, it must be, it says so on his car.
  8. Some fantastic 'Ferraris'.

    I'll bet the splitter gives some down-force......... About 500kg of down-force........Guess what it weighs?......... Right, about 500kg.
  9. MPG in my A8

    Papworth Everard!!!!
  10. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Similarly at the 18+ stone for my 6ft5" that I was, I didn't feel porky until I got down to 15 1/2 stone. Keep it up all, you WILL feel the difference.
  11. Car wash pain

    MMMMMM Bacon!
  12. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Keep up the good work Mr W.
  13. Felipe Massa retiring from Formula 1

    So is he going to hand back his retirement presents now? Of particular interest will be his 2016 car!
  14. Coincidence!

    Had a similar experience some years ago. Second car I ever bought NHO721T (IIRC) 1.6 Scirocco. Second wife (with my help) some 5 + years later bought a Scirocco in the same colour NHO720T? The details may be incorrect but they were 1 number apart & something similar to the above.
  15. A4 2007 2.0tdi blown intercooler

    Slight whistle.....HMMMM........Could that be the turbo?