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  1. Corbyn

  2. Hmmmmm

    I raise your salted peanuts to a packet of cheesy poofs.
  3. Alfa Guilia

    The only car I would entertain above these at the moment would be the new to be released M5, and I will never own either sadly!
  4. Alonso Indy500....

    Loved the "pit radio" chat between them as JB was sat waiting the Monaco start.
  5. F1 2017

    I have to admit Kimi's lap was incredible, he left nothing at all in the bag on that one! Well done the Kimster.
  6. School trip dilemma

    Call it principles, call it ignorance, call it never happen to me, call it whatever the feck you want I will NEVER allow the twisted misguided visions of the few to rule my life and my freedom 'till the day I die!
  7. Shocking Audi Dealership story.

    Let's just hope above hope that the tw@s concerned never have a nights sleep due to guilt before killing themselves...... UTTER SCUM!!!!!
  8. polo not starting? Not firing up?

    If there is an immobiliser and it is faulty/activated then yes, that will stop the car from starting.
  9. polo not starting? Not firing up?

    It can't not crank when you push it in gear as the fact that it is in gear and you are pushing it is actually turning (ie. cranking) the engine over.
  10. polo not starting? Not firing up?

    Sounds like you may have had the leads on the motor rather than the solenoid.
  11. More about the BMW 8 Concept (with pics)

    Talk about an angry looking car!
  12. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    Did the same on Wednesday when I came in from offshore & there was a Mini Cooper S in bits with loads of upgraded parts next to it, so I have now started to put it together.
  13. polo not starting? Not firing up?

    Before pulling the starter have you tried bypassing all wiring by connecting a pair of jump leads across the battery to an engine earth & the starter live connection?
  14. polo not starting? Not firing up?

    Still holds true I'm afraid. You say you have charged the battery, but is it actually any good? You say the connections "look good" they can look good & still be cr@p, you actually need to get every main 12v and earth lead in the starting/charging circuit off, cleaned, lightly greased with silicone grease/petroleum jelly and re-torqued up correctly. The solenoid could still be stuffed. So could the starter but you need to get the no-cost stuff/basics sorted before moving on.
  15. Holy cr*p, a car thread!

    I like how the "edit" function now lets you insert a comment as to why you edited...... See above, it comes out too!