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  1. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    Ah, but what about crispy crimes?
  2. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

    Donuts in a wet car park, I had a different image.
  3. New pants please

    It is called a "tank-slapper" it could have been caused by a wind direction change around the vortex around the lorry, his steering head bearings would have helped prevent it if they were tightened correctly.
  4. New pants please

    Lucky just doesn't cover it!
  5. Electric cars. And tax?

    Correct, they know you still will & that is the whole point.
  6. Electric cars. And tax?

    Tax/mile applied at MOT/sale time. When you do your MOT the station inputs the mileage, you then get a tax bill. When you sell the car you have to put on the mileage it is sold at, you get a tax bill. A couple of simple additions to software/UI & both can happen.
  7. PST equivalent in Notes?

    That should help him in 2004.
  8. 2002 996.2 3.6 Coupe

  9. New pants please

    Top driftin'.
  10. RS3 - Saloon!

    Isn't that the dictionary definition of AUDI?
  11. F1's 'Halo' cockpit is coming in 2017

    Is that spelled **i* or *a**? Just checking!
  12. Alonso to race in WEC for Toyota in 2018

    It's not a looker!
  13. F1 Grid Kids

    We have a consensus, grid milfs it is.
  14. I didn't realise Honda made dinner services?
  15. F1 Grid Kids

    Now you are talking.......
  16. F1 Grid Kids

    Never mind how you get them to wear a skimpy bikini!
  17. F1 Grid Kids

    I have to agree with all of the above, feckin' PC madness!
  18. DLR Fog Light Grill

    Good answer.
  19. DLR Fog Light Grill

    Are they similar to DRLs?
  20. Alonso to race in WEC for Toyota in 2018

    That is Chinese. They translate by swapping the Ls & Rs, not the Japanese.
  21. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Good point, and well put.
  22. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Don't be stupid, that's a car!
  23. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Octavia VRS did the same the year before.
  24. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    Mrs E's previous 3er company car took us both & SiL/BiL to Cornwall for a week with everything we needed to stay in a cottage.
  25. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Ffff being behind him when he puts it into reverse!