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  1. WTD e21 6 cyd .72-78 years CV's

    I have found out that some of the 4cyd e21's had the 40mm cv as well Marc
  2. WTD e21 6 cyd .72-78 years CV's

    Howdy I have a Vw Offroad BAJA and I am looking for the CV's off the e21 6 cyd .72-78 years I know the 100 mm x 40mm size and the PCD is right, but need to check if the drive shaft spline is right if it is I need at least 4. If anyone can help please call me on 0410920488 or email marckath1@optusnet.com.au or they know a wrecker who has e21 6cyd form 73-78 years I am in Brisbane. thanks Marc