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  1. 130i M-Sport - bargain & future classic?

    I've had a 130i M Sport for about six months now and agree with what Driftgod has said - I seem to like it more as the days go by! The interior is excellent, seats supportive and comfortable, handling first rate with sharp and communicative steering, the engine is a peach with loads of torque low down then it revs out cleanly too. My only complaint is the lack of LSD - I had it on a track day recently and it really shows the need for a LSD. The car is every bit as fast as a friends Impreza STI on the straights but on the corners it gets a hammering because it can't get the power down on the exits (dry track), with the inside wheel spinning. Does anyone know - Is there an LSD available ( I know BMW don't make one for it) and if so does the DTC need reprogrammed or disabled? Do folks think the 135 will actually make an appearance and if so will it have an LSD?
  2. White smoke under acceleration

    White smoke can also mean the cylinder head gasket has a leak although it usually happens in much older cars.
  3. Which wheels will fit?

    Does anyone know which wheels will fit a 996 C2 -there are 18 inch wheels on it at present but I would like a set of 17 inch wheels for track days. Would Boxster wheels fit? or does anyone know the offset? Many thanks........
  4. Head Gasket Gone ?????????

    Is the exhaust white? The head gasket went on a freelander I had a while back and it presented as white exhaust and no coolant left. If unchecked all the coolant leaks into the cylinders and gets expelled as steam hence the white exhaust. More extreme cases leak oil into the cylinders and this can be catastrophic if it happens at speed. Mine cost about 300 quid to fix.
  5. Speedo over read and speed warning issue

    Any car I have driven has had a speedo error of about 4mph at 40mph.
  6. 968 - bhp?

    The turbo version was very rare indeed.
  7. De-restricted Autobahn

    Ah , so it is more complicated as I suspected! How do you know which autobahns have derestricted sections and which haven't? Is there a list somewhere? I knew it was too good to be true! The pic of the car was taken on Wednesday last - It is just possible to get to 140 on the start finish straight before braking for the exit if you carry enough speed out of the last corner.
  8. Freebies

    Gap insurance is to make up the difference between your insurance company payout and cost to replace in the event of a total loss.
  9. De-restricted Autobahn

    Ah , so if the overhead electronic signs are blank then there is no limit , even if the sign which looks like our national speed limit sign is not seen? This is what confused me , and I was afraid to double the speed limit in case I had got it wrong and ended up in jail! Did manage 140 mph on the start/finish straight on the 'ring before coming off however!
  10. De-restricted Autobahn

    On a recent trip to the 'ring we were on the autobahn for a stretch and we were a bit uncertain about which bits had no speed limit. There were electronic signs above the road which had limits of 130kph / 120kph or lower when the traffic got heavier. At times these signs were just blank - does that mean that the section was derestricted or is there a special sign for derestricted sections? Are all autobahns like this or is it only some which have derestricted parts? Thanks in advance...........
  11. Child seats

    My 996 doesen't take standard seats at all - there is too much free play no matter how tight you pull the belt. I ended up getting a Porsche Prince (Secondhand as they don't make non isofix ones anymore) from ebay and it works well.
  12. My 3.2 vs Evo 8

    Fair enough the Evo 8 is a lot faster. But the interior looks like a Goodmans hifi from the 80's.
  13. 911 C4S vs standard 911 C

    I think it is zenith blue.
  14. 911 C4S vs standard 911 C

    With pleasure (hope this works!)
  15. 911 C4S vs standard 911 C

    I've recently moved from an Audi S4 (old shape biturbo one) to a 996 Carrera 2 and initially wondered if i'd miss the 4wd of the Audi. NO! is the answer Perhaps because the engine is over the driving wheels traction is excellent , even in wet conditions. I suspect the 2wd car is probably a little quicker also because it is lighter with no front diff and drive train.