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  1. Exhaust System Light flashing

    The situation got worse last night. Driving back home from South London, the car decided to lose all power, without warning, in the middle of the road and wouldn't restart. Luckily I pushed it to the side of the ride and called Green Flag to come and investigate. The engine kept turning and wouldn't start at all - it seemed to be in some fail safe mode. The mechanic from Green Flag was absolutely useless and didn't have a clue. So after 3 hours was finally towed back home! The ESP, Exhaust System and Battery light is now on when the ignition is turned on. No idea where I'm going to find a good VW mechanic today or tomorrow! Was thinking about joining the RAC and getting them to do a home start. Absolute nightmare!
  2. Hi Guys, New Golf GTI MKV owner and first time poster but long time lurker! I've only driven my GTI twice and after filling the tank up with fuel (BP Ultimate), I've noticed a problem. It seems when I put my foot down, after a few times the Exhaust System light starts to flash and the car seems to lose power when accelerating. Any ideas? Cheers Oz