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  1. help buying used gti

    hi! my name is Jaime, i'm from Chile, Sout America, first of all sorry for my bad english . i'm finally sold my old nissan primera and i want a golf gti mkV, unfurtanally here in chile only arrive 40 unit of mkV, that's because vw have a factory on brazil and untill 2007 they still under producction the gti mkIV and they sellit as new. the year 2008 the mkV arrive for "try" to sell this car in the Chilean market and was and instant hit here in Chile, they planing to bring the new mkVI the next year, so it0s a bit difficult to find a used gti mkV, but i found one, this is the link is you want to see them http://www.chileautos.cl/auto.asp?codauto=1279363 so, for what i need help? 1. the car have aprox 33.000 milles (56.000 kms), i have be worried for that? 2. what should i look when i went to see it the next week? any particular place or stuff in the car? i really apreciate any help you can give me cheers Jaime B.