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  1. In fairness I hadn't clocked the fact your car is a B8, but as Dave says there is likely to be a similar way to adjust it to the B7. I've certainly accessed this controller in my car (but can't remember what the value is set to). If only I had a fiver for every time audi say it can't be done! (heated seats, F&R OEM PDC, auto-levelling etc)
  2. My auto-dim works fine with the factory tints. It is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the light sensor via Vagcom - maybe the factory tint cars have a different sensitivity set to non-tinted. Dave
  3. A4 Avant B7 OEM Parking sensor retrofit...

    And you dont need VCDS (vagcom) unless you have a tow bar fitted - if you do the PDC controller and towing controller need to be programmed. I ended up buying 2 kufatec cables and using part to extend - the CAN bus wires are hard to duplicate since they are a twisted pair.
  4. A4 Avant B7 OEM Parking sensor retrofit...

    Elsawin is the dealers workshop manual and is not available officially. I heve heard *cough cough* that you can find it fairly easily on the bay of thieves or other "websites". It contains the full factory wiring diagrams! Dave
  5. A4 Avant B7 OEM Parking sensor retrofit...

    You need to buy the wiring loom from kufatec (or build your own) which comes with the plugs to connect into the PDC control unit, warning buzzer and then fuse box and the convenience CAN on the back of the instrument panel. I did the full front and rear retrofit which is rather more complex using the kufatec wiring - if your car is RHD you will need to get them to extend the wiring to the fuse box and CAN by approx 1m (its normally for LHD and is too short). Elsawin is pretty essential to check your wiring. Dave
  6. Hi Folks, I am now reaching the final stages of a full front and rear retrofit of OEM park assist using kufatec looms and parts from Vagparts. The wiring is relatively straight forwards if a touch time consuming. Does anyone know which (if any) code is needed to add PDC to the instrument CAN-Databus comfort Intallation list - Channel 061 instrument cluster? As an example adding a trailer requires +00064 to be added so I assume there is a value required for the PDC controller to be recognised. Many thanks, Dave
  7. Hi all, For reasons I can't explain I am well along the way to retrofitting full front and rear PDC to my A4 avant. I have front and rear bumpers with the appropriate sensors painted and ready to go. I have full wiring spec, 8 channel control unit and the kufatec looms and have sorted out most of the issues. However I need to make connections to the convenience can high and low and gala and kufatec recommend connecting into the plugs on the instrument cluster for this. The rest of the wiring is fairly straight forward. Does anyone know where the dash panel harness can connectors or other more accessable can connections are located? If there is interest in this I will do a "how to guide" when complete Cheers, Dave
  8. Heated seat retrofit A4 cabriolet !

    Hi Mike, sorry not replied sooner. You do not have to take out the centre console but you do have to remove the climate control plugs. Some cables from the kufatec loom are inserted into the plugs - you need to disassemble the plug to get them in. When I did my wiring I split the loom and ran the cables to each seat down the side of the car. The kufatec loom as it comes expects you to loop the second seat wiring over the transmission tunnel to the other side. To get the cables in you need to remove the A,B pillar lower trims and the rear seat bench to fold back the carpet. Do this before you re-fit the new seats. The plugs go into the holder under the seats from below. I'll find the instructions and pm them to you. Regards, Dave
  9. Heated seat retrofit A4 cabriolet !

    Mike, Should work fine. Dave
  10. Heated seat retrofit A4 cabriolet !

    Mike, Forgot but you will probably need VCDS (vagcom) to clear any fault codes from the climate control (and also adapt it to your car if its from a different model) Where in the Uk are you? Dave
  11. Heated seat retrofit A4 cabriolet !

    Mike, you will not need the loom for electric seats unless your new seats are electric and your old ones aren't. Most seats have electric lumbar support in any case so there is a power supply to the seats. From memory there are 4 plugs: yellow seat airbag, brown power, green seat heating and black which is for the seatbelt warning. The kufatec loom (from KUFATEC GmbH) has all the wiring you need and also includes basic instructions. I needed a terminal release tool as I recall to release a connector from the fuseboard. I used elsawin which is very very useful for wiring diagrams and dis-assembly instros (try fleabay) Pm me if you want to talk it through. Dave
  12. Heated seat retrofit A4 cabriolet !

    Hi Mike, I did this retrofit last year in an A4 saloon and several others have also completed it. The climate control you have (from an A3) will not fit - you will need one from an A4 saloon or cabrio from at least the same model year that your car is. In relation to the wiring you will need access to the factory wiring diagrams to make up your own loom or you can buy a wiring loom from kufatec which is what I did. Its pretty simple to wire up as all the terminals are on the loom. Running the wires is time consuming to say the least. Regards Dave
  13. Retrofitting OEM park assist A4 B7

    Thanks for that. I assumed that because the PDC controlled connects to the convenience CAN (like the towing control unit and TPMS controller) that there would be a code needed like them to effectively tell the car that it is installed. Audi A4 (8E) Instrument Cluster (8EC/8ED/8HE - Ross-Tech Wiki) Should get round to connecting it up finally over the next few days so we'll see if it pops up when I scan the car.
  14. Bluetooth Retrofit

    Just returned from Manchester having visited CraigB's workshop of wonders to have bluetooth retro-fitted. As expected a rapid and professional service! Many thanks and sorry about the crying child syndrome. The only problem is the proximity of the Trafford Centre and resulting wife's clothing expenses on the way home! Thanks again Dave
  15. Retrofit full PDC and canbus

    Hi Shark, Might take you up on that - just need to get clear in my mind the best way to do it before I start. I cant find anyone who has done the full PDC retrofit so the "how to" will be written if I can make it all work!! Dave
  16. passenger seat back removal

    Hi, Assuming you have the fixed backrest you need to remove the head rests and then use a special VAG tool to remove the headrest inserts which hold the seat back in place. You cannot remove the seat back without this tool - believe me I know becasue I tried! Best to get a trimmer or your friendly Dealer to do it for you Dave
  17. Retro fit auto dimming mirror

    Chaz, Quick question - how easy was it to remove the old mirror? In relation to coding the auto lights function needs to be enabled via vagcom, but not sure about just the mirror. Dave
  18. Retro fit auto dimming mirror

    I hadn't planned to but if its feasable and not too expensive I will probably fancy giving it a go! Looks like you're not too far from me so maybe we can help each out! Cheers, Dave
  19. Retro fit auto dimming mirror

    Hi Chaz, Yes I have. I must say Lee is an incredible source of info. He has helped me in the past with retrofits - heated seats and others bits and bobs. Like you I seem to have a retrofit bug - I have just aquired the parts to retrofit the front and rear park assist along with most of the bits for bixenons and the self levelling system. Just trying to piece together all the details before dismantling my entire car. Dave
  20. Retro fit auto dimming mirror

    Hi Chaps, Any advance on this topic? I've also got the parts and harness - just trying to find the details and then the time! Dave

    Hi Mike I am interested in this and have most of the parts. One american guy on audizine has successfully completed this upgrade, but other seem to have difficulty and at least 1 seems to have fried his headlight control unit. I have wiring diagrams (elsawin) if needed. PS I never got round to sending you the armrest. PM me your address and I'll post it this week. Dave
  22. Right then, I've been looking into this retrofit for some time and the position is this: To fit the bixenon units you need kufatec "Adapter Xenon-Scheinwerfer Audi A4 B7 Kurvenlicht" 33872. The curve light cannot be made to work on the retrofit afaik at the moment. (but someone may know better!) If you have a colour DIS you will get an self leveling error unless you fit the sensors on the front and rear suspension, along with wiring and control unit (a bitch of a job apparently) "komplettes aLWR Packet für A4 B7 Bi-Xenon" If you do not have a colour DIS, you will not get an error if the self levelling system is not retrofitted. I am at the stage of having the bits but not yet sorting out the cable runs/wiring. Both options will need recoding via Vagcom for xenons+- DRLs to ensure the higher start up voltage is supplied. Dave PS you should also fit headlight washers if they are not fitted. You will need access to Vagcom and the wiring diagram for the B7
  23. Tyres 3.0 tdi quattro

    Mine has Michelin PS2 on as factory fit and they are extra load. AFAIK the saloon and avant have XL tyres as standard. Dave
  24. A4 armrest - different types??

    Lee, Will pm my VIN number to you later. Looks like I will need to order a new soul leather lid. Nelson, you are right in reverse, it is a leather phone prep lid I was trying to fit to my "normal" armrest. Thanks for the help, that's cleared up the mystery for me. Dave
  25. Hi All My car has a factory fit centre armrest. I have aquired a full heated leather interior with armrest and wanted to change the lid. Closer inspection reveals different size and shape and the two parts are clearly not interchangable (even the hinge is different) I know I could change the whole armrest but would prefer to change the lid only. Any ideas on this or of partnumber for the leather lid? Cheers, Dave