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  1. Continental N0 vs N1 rated tyres

    Continental have confirmed that Porsche insist on identical tyres - make & N rating - being fitted to their cars to protect warranty coverage. They have also stated that whilst they try to ensure a degree of synergy when tyres are superseded by new ones, Porsche's above requirements are beyond their control. Meanwhile, Porsche have informed me that they have no control over Continental's decision to replace tyres with new ones that carry a new N rating. It's great to see both sides effectively blaming the other but the bottom line is that for any of you with SC2s, your next puncture or worn tyre is going to be very expensive indeed.
  2. Continental N0 vs N1 rated tyres

    Thanks guys. I sent Continental an email yesterday & will let you know their response. Porsche GB's technical department is closed until the new year so getting any specifics re extent of warranty invalidation is proving impossible at the moment.
  3. Continental N0 vs N1 rated tyres

    This impacts anyone who has Continental N0 rated tyres on their Porsche. I own a Boxster 3.4S. It came with Continental SC2 N0 rated tyres - 235/40 & 265/40 ZR18s. The rear tyres need replacing. Porsche Reading have informed me that: 1. Continental no longer make N0 rated tyres (confirmed). SC3s are now N1 rated. 2. If I put N1 rated tyres on the rear, I will invalidate my Porsche warranty. 3. As such, I have to replace all 4 tyres. Every tyre dealer I speak to assures me that N1 & N0 rated tyres are compatible but, other than adding to my frustration at the prospect of throwing away 2 very good front tyres, that doesn't help as I can't afford to take a risk on the warranty. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Many thanks Graham:ffs: