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  1. got little issue with my a6 tdi 2006 (bre) each time after start (when engine's still cold, about 50 degr.) i notice unstable irrregular rev, even red arrow as well as whole car is flowing/moving/shaking up and down in between 900 and 1000 rev. it happens only when car is stationary and untill temp reaches 90 degrees it happens since i bought this car (december), full audi service done in april, audi as well as vag doesnt pick up any fault..glow plugs changed by audi. can it be fuel injection problem?
  2. wrong tyres?

    Sorted. Got new 2 p z r:)
  3. wrong tyres?

    Sorry, i messed up. Kwik f did wrong coz fitted 225/40/zr18(92y). Im going there 2 sort it out on wednesday, shall i go for 245/40/r18/97y extra load or normal?
  4. wrong tyres?

    Oh God, just realized that kwik fit fitted 225/40/zr18(92y) 'extra load' at the rear, my invoice is for 245/40/r18/97y wtf??????
  5. wrong tyres?

    hi there, got a6 s line 2006, tyre size 245/40/R18/97Y. A few months ago bought 2 new tyres pirelli zero rosso and fitted them in the rear. Front tyres are dunlop 3000 sport extra load (fitted by previous owner) - i didnt like their design to be honest (too big) so i decided to buy another pair of same p zero rosso. When i searched tyres by car plate numbers (on ) it found p zero rosso as well as dunlop both they both was extra load..?? did i buy wrong tyres (rear)? does this a6 need extra load only ?? thanks
  6. a6 s line head hid bulbs

    west london audi wanted to charge me L52+vat lol finally ive done it with some help (good mechanic). very bad access, dont recommend to anybody who has no practice in this kind of work
  7. looking for audi/vw specialist (garage) around Ealing london or surronding areas thanks
  8. hi there, got a6 s line 2006, just bought 55w xenon bulbs. how to replace bulbs? (all of them, incl fog ones)? advanced thanks matt
  9. mmi screen upgrade

    yeah, looks much better, mono is reall crap, actually i'm suprised they fitted mono screen in a6 s line, same story with some version of a4 s line, many of them have fitted cassete player as a main sound device (even cars made in 2006!) yr last pic (control panel), i believe there would be no changes on it...? speak soon
  10. mmi screen upgrade

    craig: what's the high mmi lcd like, i mean size & how many colours offers. dvd sat nav does support 3d view, doesn't? is it uk or hole eu? could u drop a few screens pls mate? (got yr pm) matt
  11. mmi screen upgrade

    i'm sure i got CD based Nav / 6 CD changer / 10 speaker sound system (DSP) with the fitted subwoofer what would be the cost and how long would it take? what else do u need to know before start quoteing?
  12. mmi screen upgrade

    its a saloon. who should i speak to then?
  13. mmi screen upgrade

    yep, got cd based sat nav. right, whats the average cost of this operation mate? cheers
  14. mmi screen upgrade

    hi. got monochrome mmi screen (2006 s line), is it poss to upgrade it (fit bigger, colour screen)? thanks